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Favorite & Least Favorite Fey

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tarobones  tarobones is offline
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Greetings to all. My favorites are The Stars, 4 of Pentacles, and all the Aces, although I love all 78. I dont' have a least favorite, at the moment. What a wonderful deck...........BB, Michael
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Difficult choice

The one I definitely don't like because I really can't relate to it, is the Devil.

Those who know me know that the Devil is usually the card I look at in order to decide if this is a deck I could like. I'll make an exception here because there are sooo many cards that speak to me (in fact, almost all of them).

And so, of course I have more difficulties in determining my favourite "one"

I have made a selection of cathegories:

- favourite because it makes me laugh: the ten of Wands
- favourite because I can instantly attach a meaning to it: the seven of Chalices
- favourite because it reflects the card exactly according to my view of it: The Magician

cheated but then, the task was impossible

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Originally Posted by bleuivy
Alright. I'll stop gushing. Anyone know a link for the spread for our 7 favorite and least favorite cards? I looked but couldn't find it. Anyone? Anyone?
The spread you ask for is a modified version of a spread, that is really not a spread, that came from the Shapeshifter deck.
It's called the polarity spread.
You go through the deck and pull 9 cards that you are drawn to and 9 that don't make you feel so good. The 9 (or 7) cards that you like, put in order with your most fav on top and go in order behind it from there. With the cards you don't like, the one you dislike the most on top, etc.
Put both piles infront of you side by side, face down. Now ask ONE question about something that is most pressing in your life at that momnet.
Start with the dislike pile and turn over the cards one by one; these represent your fears and worries with the situation. It is mentioned to take a break after reading the icky cards.
The like pile represents those things you care for and love the most regarding the question asked.
One thing mentioned about this form of reading is to focus on the symbols within the cards.
Makes perfect sense since the cards choosen are mosty decided by thier image, and it's that image that has a deep effect within our spirit when we see it.
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bleuivy  bleuivy is offline
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Thanks, lunalafey! I'll probably try that reading this weekend. Looks like it should be interesting.
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I have many favorite feys:

- XVII The Stars: that sparkling fey is so beautiful and luminescent, with her sweet smile.
- XIII Death: this fey, being half this and half that, speaks well of change and transformation.
- 0 The Fool: I love the colors and the keys the fey wears, with a crown with a key hole.
- XVIII The Moon: this fey seems to be a a very old and wise high priestess following the moon wherever it goes.
- II The High Priestess: she quietly reads her book, and guards the passage going to the door behind her, two small dragons guard the door as well in the back.
- VI The Lovers: here appears two different feys from different elements, the female made of female matter and the male made of male matter. They love and complement each other.
- X The Wheel: two feys of different generation play together. Yet, as the young one puts in place the toys, the old one takes them away.
- XV The Devil: here the Devil is a monster that devours everything on its path, restless, its hunger never calmed down.
- XXI The World: the idea of a snail with a world on it, crossing the universe is very well done.
- III The Empress: the Empress is born as the sunrise comes, and she holds a baby unicorn, full of tenderness, sitting on her kingdom.
- Eight of Wands: the notion of speed is well interpreted on this card full of movements, and the fey is so cute with the bells.
- Two of Swords: the card here is filled with a terrible tension, a silent scream.
- Three of Swords: the artist at its core, the one who digs deep to create from pain and sorrow.
- Four of Swords: an angry fey puts blood over herself, she screams vengeance...
- Seven of Swords: this fey litteraly blends with her surrendings, she is a bit worried of being caught.
- Knave of Swords: I like how he is painted, half blue half purple, and how he plays and dances with his sword, so gracefully, without getting hurt.
- Queen of Swords: She is so pale and so cold, her lips are blue and the sword is engraved on her forehead, very similar to the fey on the Three of Swords, her too she knows what pain and sorrow is.
- King of Swords: this man and king knows what war is, he still bears the scares he got from them. He has grown wise with time and he has a good sense of humor to handle better what he went through.

The ones I like the least:

- XX Judgement: I don't get that card at all.
- Ace of Wands: the art on this card is weird, not as finished as the others, but I like the idea of a tree growing out of someone's back.
- Ace of Swords: the art on this card is just plain bad, the artist was in a bad day when she made that one, and I don't grasp what is on the card.
- Six of Pentacles: again, the art on that one is weird, not finished.
- Three of Chalices: again, the art on that one is weird, not finished.
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Kitty_Magick  Kitty_Magick is offline
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my faves r queen of chalices and 8 of pentacles and my least fave is prolly... hmmm i don't have a lest fave lol
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Kitty_Magick  Kitty_Magick is offline
Join Date: 01 May 2005
Location: australia
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actually my least fave would be 2 of swords
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mysticmonkey  mysticmonkey is offline
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I had fun reading this so thought I'd bump it with my own choices.

Least fav:

Easy the 6 of Swords. No reason other than she reminds me of the chick in Andromeda (sci-fi program) and I detested that program. Blink woman, blink.

Others that I dislike slightly are:
*2 of Swords - I think it's because the eyes are covered but the head looks like a man with a woman's body. Also not sure where that boob thinks it's going.
*Emperor - Nice enough card, gets the job done I suppose but I get nothing from it. Not intriguing like the rest of the deck.
*Fool - I don't know what it's is but I just don't like it when I get this card. Maybe its the cheekbones? Actually the more I look at it the more it makes me laugh. I imagine he's contemplating the pumpkin when his minds decides to turn to something completely random. Hence the expression. I quite like him now he's made me laugh.


*Queen of Wands - Beautiful card. I actually find it quite provocative at times but I think that's just the old biological clock ticking away.
*Death - A very enigmatic card for me.
*The Moon - Just a beautiful card
*King of Chalices - Now that's a king.
*Judgement - I'm not sure if I completely understand this card but I can identify with the main character
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i love .... most of the major arcana

not too fond of the king of swords...
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