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Happy Birthday Scorpios

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Join Date: 03 Sep 2001
Location: northern Indiana, USA
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New River 

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Happy Birthday Scorpios

Happy Birthday Scorpios

my birthday is Nov. 18, when's yours?

Rising sign Pisces
Moon in Capricorn

moody and emotionally sensitive? who me?

thank goddess there are redeeming qualities there like fierce loyality and the ability to keep a secret. probably a few others too........

oh and did i forget to mention that defining word, Intensity? LOL

love and blessings,
New River
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Join Date: 13 Apr 2002
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Happy Birthday Scorpios
Mine is November 6
Scorpio rising
and LEO MOON!! ( I want to be a movie star)
I love you All!!
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Join Date: 23 Aug 2001
Location: Brescia (Northern Italy), sometimes Pisa or Naples
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My Rising is at 19 Scorpio, so when the Sun will thread on it I'll throw a personal inner party as well...
It's just so easy to find a way to party in every sign!

I have not met many scorpios in my life, just three so far that I reckon, but I get along so well with them! And one is the boyfriend of one of my best friends, and we are metting tonight and have a hopefully rocking time at a very alternative restaurant.

I think there's something of the Scorpio in me. More than visible in the surface at least - just guess how good a Gemini with Scorpio Rising and Leo MC is at concealing and acting. *LOL* And My Sun/Mars conjuncts the 8th Cusp as well, so there.


New River, I just love that word.
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AquarianGoddess  AquarianGoddess is offline
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To one of my very favorite signs.....THE HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!

Yes, some of this sign are psycho's and really, what's wrong with that? lol. Actually, in my view and observation of astrology over the last 30 years...the docile Cancer, yes Cancer can be MUCH worse than a Scorpio when hurt.

I have a Scorpio Moon and attract Scorpio's by the dozens and love all of them!!

Pollux, I think you keep your Scorpio part hidden due to your Pluto in the 12th.

Happy Cosmic Return to New River and Meatbox and all the rest of the super Scorpio gang!

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of the woods
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of the woods

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...and passionate, lets not forget that scorpios are passionate! all the scorpios i ever met have great memories, never forget a thing, good or bad. boy, i could use some of that!

hmmm, since i'm a libra with a scorpio rising (and cancer moon), looks like i get to celebrate two months in a row! yippee!
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Student of Astrology
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Location: Wigan, UK
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Student of Astrology

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You certainly do and I'm going to celebrate too

Firstly because I have Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio and Secondly because its my birthday tomorrow and I'm a Libra!

The year I was born the Sun didn't enter Scorpio till around 6:45 am GMT on 24 October and I was born at 00:30 on that day.

So happy birthday Scorpios and us left over Libras or Libras with Scorpio rising or even with a Scorpio Moon.

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Location: Crabby Olde Batville
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Nov 1 here.
Scorpio with Aquarius rising, Pisces moon.
Birthday coming, all too soon.
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nina  nina is offline
Join Date: 24 Sep 2002
Location: New York
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Happy Birthday, Scorpios! Great friends, great listeners, patient, sexy as all hell, but one must admit at times vindictive- and what's with all the secrets? Share with the group, no one's gonna bite. The sign of almost every boyfriend I've ever had and every friend whose determination and self-containment holds me in awe.
Aquairian Goddess- I'm a Cancer (yes, docile Cancer) with a Scorpio moon, so imagine what a psycho I am when hurt!
Actually, I usually choke down my own venom and try with everything I've got to think kind, Christian thoughts. But who knows, one of these days I just might SNAP!
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Location: Michigan, USA
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Royal Cat 

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Happy Birthday to me - and all the other Scorpios out there!
Nov. 11th, Scorpio with Leo Ascendant and Gemini Moon.
My knowledge of astrology is very limited... any one care to tell me what a Gemini moon means?

Happy Birthday!
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Savica  Savica is offline
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Location: Macedonia
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I have a b-day this Saturday....2 November...and I hope that all my dreams finally will come true It is about time though If not....I vote for changing the b-day month))))))

All the Best,

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