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So, some ideas:

Deadpool for the Fool

Thor for Strength or the Sun

Dr. Strange for the Magician

Black Widow for the High Priestess or Temperance

Steve Rogers (Captain America) for Justice or perhaps Strength?

Loki for the Hanged Man

Reed Richards (of the Fantastic 4) for King of Swords

-the 7 of Swords is perfect for plenty of villains (over-confidence, getting caught in the act, etc), especially one that was originally a friend or ally of a hero
- from the meaning alone I think the Queen of Swords is a pretty good fit for Iron Man, or maybe the Knight of Wands

-Captain Marvel, who is awesome, deserves an appropriately high-powered card
-other characters I want to find perfect cards for are Hawkeye, Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Carter, Daredevil, Sif, Pepper Pots (who might make a great Temperance?), the Hulk, and Thanos
-Peter Quill (Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy) is a better fit for the Fool than even Deadpool, but I'm reluctant to give that to him, and am looking for something better for him.
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Frater Benedict 

This was an amusing idea! Let me give some suggestions:

Magician – Doctor Strange
Papess – Agatha Harkness
Empress – Black Widow
Emperor – Nick Fury
Pope – Daredevil
Lovers – Phoenix, Cyclops, Emma Frost and Hawkeye
Chariot - Xavier
Justice – Captain America
Hermit – Uatu, the Watcher
Wheel of Fortune – Scarlet Witch inside a building belonging to Stark Industries
Strength – The Hulk
Traitor – Loki
Death – Hela
Temperance – Rogue
Devil – Dormammu
Tower – Thor and The Baxter Building
Star – Captain Marvel/Ms Marvel
Moon – Moon Knight
Sun – ?
Angel – Angel
Fool – Spider Man
World – Galactus, surrounded by Silver Surfer, Air Walker, Terrax and Firelord

King of Swords –*Reed Richards
Queen of Swords – Susan Richards
Knight of Swords – Ben Grimm
Squire of Swords – Johnny Storm

King of Cups – Black Bolt
Queen of Cups – Medusa
Knight of Cups – Triton
Squire of Cups – Quicksilver

King of Wands –*Beast
Queen of Wands – Storm
Knight of Wands –*Colossus
Squire of Wands – Shadowcat

King of Coins –*Iron Man
Queen of Coins – Pepper Potts
Knight of Coins – Ant Man
Squire of Coins –*Wasp
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I dunno if this has been brought up before, but Marvel did a comic series and a sourcebook regarding the Tarot as it pertains to the Marvelverse.

It's actually really cool- it uses Rider Waite Smith imagery, but it substitutes their own canon characters in as figures done up in the same art style, and their Aces are the four Cornerstones of Creation from one of their long-time plot lines.

Maybe check it out?

The series is called Mystic Arcana, and you can find the book with all the comics and the sourcebooks here:
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oh! like this! and price is good!^^ )) tnx4link!^^ lolz )
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