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The Mercurial Travel Tarot

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Chris Richford 
The Mercurial Travel Tarot

I'm currently finishing work on my own deck. I've called it Mercurial because of the element's alchemical significance and connection to change and to the subconscious; two things which the tarot has helped me actualize on many occasions. Itís a travel tarot firstly because its small, the cards are 5x8cm, and secondly because, hay, we're all on a journey of some kind even if we're currently in an armchair or face down in the woods..

Actually to be perfectly honest thereís another reason itís small. So I would actually finish it! Iíve started many different decks over the years, the largest and most elaborate of which I only completed the first 9 of the major arcana. If youíre interested you can see those on my DA gallery here -

So a few months ago I cut these little cards and started drawing on them, this time starting with the minor, and I found the scale forced me to be concise and being concise forced me to reconsider the imagery.

From the start I knew I wanted to re-imagine the suits and transform the court cards into something more primal. I knew labelling would have to be concise to save maximum space for the image. In my larger scale deck Iíd used the Hebrew letters on the Major cards and loved the way they looked so I decided to use just them on the minor cards as well and actually keep them free of English numbers. Iíd love to know what you all think about that! I also used alchemical symbols on the court cards in order to keep them completely free of words. They are pure geometry: mantras or mandalas for each of the elements, though when I was composing them I imagined them as lenses through which to view the element of each suit.

Anyway Iíve now finished the minor cards. Iíll be finishing the major over the next few weeks and Iíll post them here as I do. I would love to hear what this community thinks about my deck and the choices Iíve made while creating it, positive and negative! I know Iíve made something I will really enjoy using but I understand itís not for everyone.. thereís no colour for a start!

These are the scans of the four suits
Wood ~
Metal ~
Stone ~
Water ~
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Rhapsodin  Rhapsodin is offline
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You've numbered the Hermit IV. Was there some reason?
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Chris Richford  Chris Richford is offline
Join Date: 22 Jun 2015
Location: Norfolk, UK
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Chris Richford 

Originally Posted by Rhapsodin View Post
You've numbered the Hermit IV. Was there some reason?
hah, no just dyslexia. I corrected that but I must have uploaded an old scan
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sporadic magic
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sporadic magic

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Hey, congratulations on making your own deck. Small cards are cool! I don't read Hebrew so this aspect is not for me. I love the 9 of stones picnic!
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Thumbs up

Nice work!
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