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Looking for Gilded Tarot Study group???

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green eyes 
Smile Looking for Gilded Tarot Study group???

Hello, I'm new to tarot reading and I have just received a Gilded Tarot deck...I'm looking for a Gilded tarot study there one on this site?
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hello just found this hope it helps. looks like a lovely deck!

enjoy merry xmas.
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yup yup...

just go at your own pace... post what you see and your thoughts.. which I know u can do!

by posting it it will bring the thread back up into new posts and people will see it
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believer in magic

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Hi Greeneyes,

Welcome to the forum.

As Shadowbane has pointed out The Gilded Tarot has it's own subforum over in the Individual Deck Studies section.
To find it without the link look for Tarot Study Groups on the forum main page:
and then click the underlined 'Individual Deck Studies'. You will then see The Gilded Tarot group:

Post to any of the existing threads, you'll find an index of threads covered so far at the top of the group:
If you want to study a card that hasn't been covered yet just start a new thread.

You may find this thread useful - Thinking of starting or joining a study group - guidelines

If you need to know anything at all just drop me a quick private message

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups moderator
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