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Pairs of Cards in RWS

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Pairs of Cards in RWS

Upon advice to look at the colors in the RWS deck, I eventually concluded that the majority of the cards exist in pairs, which led to other issues.

The most obvious and significant pairs I have identified (going beyond simply colours to look for clues) and trying not to move cards too far from their normal sequence are:-

Fool and Magician - The flower - a weak connection.

Empress and High Priestess - Female

Emperor and Hierophant - Male - red garmets

Strength and Chariot - beasts - Sphinx = intelligent beast = dragon. Lion is alchemical purified form of dragon.

Justice and Wheel of Fortune - symmetrical artifacts - balance of two, balance of four

Temperance and Star - pouring of water using two vessels

Devil and Tower - black backgrounds (the most obvious pair in the RWS)

Sun and Moon - both astrological bodies - both in same position in the card - upper central, about the same size.

Leaving Death, Judgement, Lovers and The world

some other pairs - but far apart, are
World and Wheel - four beasts in the corners
Pillars - some have grey pillars either side - High Priestess and Hierophant
Justice, Moon
Only one (I think) has black and white pillars - High Priestess

Some have two very small pillars in t he background, with either rising sun or a mountain between - Temperance? can't remember - will have to go look.

Naked woman - Star and World

Woman in white with flowers headdress - Empress and Strength
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Pairs is a great way to view the RWS Majors. I like your pairings. The Wheel of Fortune and the World I think of as the "mandala cards".

Here's an old thread where I came up with some pairings based on a new view of the Ladder of Virtues layout:

1 Magician 16 Tower
4 Emperor 13 Death
7 Chariot 10 Wheel of Fortune

2 High Priestess 17 Star
5 Hierophant 14 Temperance
8 Justice 11 Strength

3 Empress 18 Moon
6 Lovers 15 Devil
9 Hermit 12 Hanged Man
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Awesome! your pairings are uncanny.
It will take me some time to digest....
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Another way to pair, explored in other threads, is with numerology.

For example 6 The lovers paired with its dark brother 1+5 = 16 The Devil: so seeing jealousy, need for control in a relationship etc as the flip side.

Another strong example is the 7 Chariot & 1+ 6 Tower pairing, a strong personality type for example, determined to have the last say and often pushing both themselves and others to disaster (even on smaller scales).
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