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Decks with well designed minor arcana

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Scarlet Woodland 

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I'd add the Tarot of Vampyres too. The only cards that stand out as different are the Lords, because of the whole horse & helmet factor limiting things. The artwork is of a remarkably consistent quality.
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Mary-El might be just the ticket for you
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Granny Jones
Deviant Moon
Bohemian Gothic
Victorian Romantic

all of the above have minors equal to the majors in concept and execution and adhere to the RWS traditions
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The minors of the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot are a thing of beauty, and very cleverly done. Without showing human figures, they manage to hint at the scenery and convey the atmosphere of the corresponding RWS cards. Sometimes, they offer instead creative variations on their themes, like the 9 of Cups, for instance.
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What about the Dreams of Gaia tarot? Every single card is an artwork; the Minors have clearly been given every bit as much time and attention to detail as the Majors.
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I think Ciro Marchetti and Baba Studios take time with their minors, and I enjoy them. The Distant Past deck has good ones too.
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The Urban Tarot is to me a great example of a deck with a flawless theme and minors as thoughtfully composed as the majors. In no way I get the feeling that they were less of an effort to create than the major arcana or the trumps.

I am really looking forward to the mass market edition of this deck (only have the app so far).
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Originally Posted by Rose Lalonde View Post
I go on about this deck a lot, but for me Tabula Mundi masters that. Since a TM minor contains art derived from the 2 majors related to it astrologically, when I read a minor, it's like reading 2 majors interacting on one card, so the minors definitely have that bold and archetypal feel. Plus there's unity across the deck, and the artwork is all original, while clearly being inspired by Thoth and GD. Five months in with the new Colores Arcus ed., and I still reach for it every day.
I agree with you 100%. I think the minors take tarot reading to a new level
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Le Tarot Tournant has the loveliest minors I have seen in TdM style deck.
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Thumbs up Decks with well designed minor arcana

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Dreaming Way Tarot which I have bonded with after using; didn't think I would initially.

It is RW based (I'm a RW gal) and the minors I find are very good, sometimes even better than the majors. It is very people focussed in its images, with clean sharp imagery. It has a youthful energy but is not a "soft focus" deck.
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