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Tarot of Prague Cafe club - Queen Wands

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Tarot of Prague Cafe club - Queen Wands

What a great card!

For some reason (only known to my imagination!), I look at this card and I see one of those merry-go-rounds. I think it must be the canopy in the sky that does it, and the fact that the lion could almost be the animal she is sat on. Also, the colours make the whole image look so fairy-tale like.

Anyway, moving on, just look at her face. She has a total love of life. Her child plays with a set of scales and she appears to be teaching him through play. She looks in awe at the child and his toy and you can almost hear her asking those probing questions that mums ask their children to encourage them to learn. She is getting so much pleasure from his enjoyment. She's vibrant, fun-loving and creative. The lion is having fun as he appears to poke his tongue out at us.

Its a beautiful sunny day and there are a few wispy clouds in the sky. Even the weather is trying to please her. She is surrounded by lush greenery which confirms her vitality. She has a charismatic personality, which draws animals and children to her. Even though she has that beautiful castle in the background, she looks quite at home outdoors.

I see an enthusiasm in her which I don't see in many Queens, an enthusiasm to encourage and support her family, to push them in the right direction, to teach them integrity and fairness. I sometimes associate myself with the Queen of Wands. I am a Leo and Wands are my suit. I often say to my kids 'you can do anything you put your mind to' and I see this Queen saying that to her children.

The only other thing that comes to mind is ... and they all lived happily ever after. The End.

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Yes, I can imagine them living happily ever after too, this is such a lovely playful, colourful card. To me the colours represent the kind of clear sweet inspiration we have when we're young or throwing ourselves into a project or a relationship or whatever, but that we lose or even sometimes disown as we get older and start standing on our dignity all the time. The Queen of Wands knows how to be true to herself, and isn't afraid to let her marvellous colours show and shine. She looks balanced - she seems to be floating in the air above the magnificent trees, yet at the same time she looks very firmly seated. The baby on her knee is naked, and holds a set of golden scales again seeming to speak of getting the balance right. A rich canopy floats over the two of them - makes me think of the kind of protection that comes from simply trusting that all will be well. The lion at the Queen's feet is funny and endearing - he looks like something they've conjured up together.
Studying this card has helped me understand the Queen of Wands better - like many people I have trouble with the courts anyway, and in other decks I sometimes found her a bit overpowering. One sentence in the book of the Tarot of Prague is particularly helpful, and seems really to sum her up exactly as she's illustrated:
'While she is very down to earth, she isn't conventional and can sometimes be surprising. She won't always do things in the obvious way, and her imagination and originality can add considerably to her attractions.'
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An strange animal

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Looking at the card, I feel some innocence. A precious time being with loved ones. This queen seems to trust the child. She also let him explore the scale. So, the child is exploring and learn in a favorable surrounding.
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Not a huge fan of this Queen of Wands. First off, she's got a kid. People with kids no longer feel the need to be center of attention, and isn't this one of the Queen's big attributes? This Queen is mellow... relaxed... content. Hardly the temperamental Queen of Wands we all know and love
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Originally Posted by HerzogIsGod
Not a huge fan of this Queen of Wands. First off, she's got a kid. People with kids no longer feel the need to be center of attention, and isn't this one of the Queen's big attributes? This Queen is mellow... relaxed... content. Hardly the temperamental Queen of Wands we all know and love
I don't agree. My best friend has twins, and trust me..she ain't happy if she's NOT the center of attention.
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