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1st Thread - The Sage *19

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This is amazing....but also...well...its just the faeries and they never cease to amaze me!!
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(I'm kinda freakin' out on reading something I wrote almost 8 years ago, when this deck first entered my life. Odd....)

(And it makes me realize I've been around this AT place for a really long time.)

(Which maybe is the essence of the Sage, that time is the medium for knowledge to pass through).
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pickled pixie 

Wow what a cool story!!!

Thanks for sharing pippi, it made my day

pp xx
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Originally Posted by Alissa
pippi... the Faeries love you (and your wee ones too!)
Someone else said that to me too! And we love them right back!

Yeah, I didn't notice until after I dug up this thread that the last post was from 2002!

DragonFae & Pickled Pixie... glad you enjoyed the story!!
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Ts card just symbolizes wisdom for me. He's so wize, yet he is not decrepit, not feeble with age, but at the peak of his power. He looks within himself for secrets and mysteries.
The colors I'm sure mean something:yellow, white, rust, black, and silver.
His inner wisdom grants soul gifts.
He will offer advice if he is asked, but he won't volunteer.
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