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Horary Readings Third Instalment

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Hi I asked for a reading too. My q is about a former friend, we had a fall out. I am not asking about getting back together (it will be impossible any way since we live in separate countries) but if he hates me for ending our friendship such a cold manner! Thanks.
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OK Venus, you are next after the three I listed above
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Reading for Beebs_94

Originally Posted by Beebs_94
Well, id love to start my own catering buisness...but that would be taking a huge gamble i guess...
'Should I start a catering business?'

The chart is cast in the hour of the Sun, with Sagittarius rising, both the Sun and Jupiter are part of the Fire triplicity, and as there are no other considerations, I will take the chart as radical.

You are signified by Jupiter, which is retrograde in Aries on the third House cusp. Jupiter has moderate essential dignity but retrogadation weakens it.
Your prime interest is on whatever Mars rules, and Mars rules the MC, your business (or intended business) and your career in general.

The business is signified by Mars, which is in detriment in Libra, although it does have some dignity through Terms. Mars is in the ninth House so is reasonably well placed. Mars also sextiles the Ascendant (you) which is a positive sign. However we need to be as specific as we can here. Is catering a possible profession at which you will do well? Amongst a long list of possible Mars professions, Lilly includes 'cooks', which is possibly the nearest we can get to a modern view of catering. The assignation is probably related to Mars' hot and burning nature. If we were to see Catering as having an organisational dimension, then Mars would get in because of it's military connotations, though Mercury and Saturn might be better on that skill.

Mars is placed in Libra, which is ruled by Venus and would be associated with Venusian professions such as musician, poet, singer, linen draper, or silk merchant. We might add to that beautician, clothes designer, and possibly the creative side of catering - preentation of food.

So yes, a possible career could well be catering, if you see it in the terms above. But we also need to consider income flows from your career.

This is shown via the second House and its ruler. In this case Saturn as ruler of Aquarius. Saturn is high in essential dignity and placed in the ninth House in Libra. That suggests good earnings potential. Saturn squares the nodal axis, which adds some difficulties to income generation.

Lets look at the balance of significators in terms of strength:

Jupiter, you, rather weak
Mars, career, neutral
Earning potential, Saturn, strong but may have difficulties.

Finally we need to look at the Moon, which in horary plays a very strong role. A strong Moon can contribute a lot to success. Here the Moon is peregrine, in the eighth and under the beams (within 17 degrees of the Sun).

On balance here only Saturn promises, the other significators do not. This is a risky enterprise, it might well pay off, but the odds seem against it.
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Reading for curly

Originally Posted by curly
I have feelings for someone else, the person i've feelings for is called 'M' - so if you could see if any changes are going to happen for me. in the future i do want to get in a relationship with 'M'. so maybe if you can pick up anything at all that has relevance to this - would be much appreciated.



This is a relationship question, so we are dealing with first and seventh Houses. You are signified by Mars (Ascendant in Aries) and M is signified by Venus (Descendant in Libra). Venus is in Scorpio which is its detriment, Mars is in Libra which is its detriment. This would not look good at all for a relationship BUT, they have mutal reception by rulership. This indicates mutual feelings and might well bring about the relationship single handed but I would prefer more evidence before giving a strong 'Yes'.

Both are in the seventh House which Venus rules (though Mars has some rulership through Scorpio intercepted in the seventh) and at the moment are separating from a conjunction in Libra but are still in orb and will remain so till they conjoin again in Scorpio. So there is a link with M, which has promise for the future.

The Moon in this chart is fast, but despite reasonable essential dignity it is in the sixth House and conjunct Saturn (though a separating aspect). This leads to a note of caution. Things seem to be quite good but the Moon's situation means that things might still not work out.

So we have two testimonies which incline me towards a relationship working out and one that makes me cautious - something could still go wrong. The chart suggests that M reciprocates your feelings, your choice now is to decide whether to try and put the relationship in the open, and risk not only your marrige (such as it is) but whatever the Saturn/Moon conjunction means. Saturn rules the tenth and eleventh - social standing and friendship as well as more worryingly the twelfth. The Moon rules the fourth (home) and fifth (romance and children). So we have several possibile significations of the Saturn/Moon conjunction. As it's separating there must be some hope of improvement. It would be more worring if it was applying.

It comes down to your feelings now, and with the information I have I can't really go much further - we'd need quite a discussion but the chance is there.
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Could I get one?

We've been trying to have a baby for many years, and I want to know if we'll succeed anytime soon.

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May I request one as well? Do you need my birth details or present details?

How detailed or specific does the question have to be? I'm curious in my life impactors/focuses/primary inflences and energies now but I can make it very specific. I'm just not sure how this works for you.
For more specific/burning type question, can you tell me what I need to focus on and heal, or let go of for my healing and growth now.
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I came to do my reading for today and the Moon is in the Via Combusta. Whilst Lilly would probably go ahead, I'm going to wait till it's out, so that's likely to be Sunday. It's out when it reaches 16 degrees Scorpio, and at the moment it's at 20 Libra.

Fro the very old ones in the UK the following phrase will bring back memories:

'Normal service will resume as soon as possible'
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Originally Posted by Minderwiz
'Will I move to a smaller house during the next year?'

The only way that you are going to get a deal though is if something or more likely someone brings you and the other party together. Now in Horary the Moon acts as a co-significator for the querent (you). In this chart the Moon is on the eighth House cusp and is applying to a trine with Mars (you), thereafter it will move on to trine Venus (the other party). This is known as translation of the light. The Moon will take your interest to the other party and the trine promises an easy deal.

So whilst the previous opportunity did not work out, it's likely that the next one will and you will get the property you are looking for within the time period.

I wanted to let you know, just this week we found a house.
It was much larger but it has everything we want.
More of everything and looking for resale value in the future
is fantastic.
If everything goes well today, we will put an offer in.
We just thought about contacting someone and everything started
moving forward.
I'll let you know what happens, for your own study!
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That's good news, I hope things work out now!
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Hello! Here's my feedback!

I love the whole aspect of food presentation, and ive also kicked the idea around of being either a chef or a pastry chef. But you got it right tho, one of my main worries was about the income flow and how i would build a clientel base and how i would go about advertising. I would assume that if catering is done well, it could be a profitable business. Even though it was suggested that there is potential for good earnings, i dont think i would make it a full time business...i have bills to pay lol ;-) Even though it seems like a risky venture (it really is) i think i still might give it a shot, you neve know what could happen!

Thanks for the reading!
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