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Gilded Tarot - What is your favorite card and why???

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scottish zoe's Avatar
scottish zoe  scottish zoe is offline
Join Date: 12 Sep 2004
Location: fife, scotland
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scottish zoe 

Favourite so far is the high priestess, I know several of you have commented about the non-standard format but I find that this just makes me think more about the intuitive side of this card and frees me up from expectations
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Jpoor  Jpoor is offline
Join Date: 09 Feb 2005
Location: AZ, USA
Posts: 48

I'm WAY fond of the three of swords. To me it speaks of learning and growth through trial and pain. Not really negative, but not easy either. I also like the book version, which when I boil it down comes to... you've lost something, you've mourned, now GET OVER IT!
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ncefafn's Avatar
ncefafn  ncefafn is offline
Join Date: 14 Jan 2004
Location: KY
Posts: 3,647

I'm surprised no one has mentioned yet the Queen of Swords. She is the most exquisite Queen of Swords I've ever seen. She's not only a powerful woman, she's not ashamed of her power, and that's a rare thing, even in today's world. Thanks, Ciro, for giving all us air-sign women a significator to be proud of.
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souljourney's Avatar
souljourney  souljourney is offline
Join Date: 29 Nov 2004
Location: Kansas City, USA
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One card...
I guess I would say the High Priestess. Everything about this card is beautiful. I love the machinery, the way she looks like she's vulnerable yet strong, the moon in the background. Is a very sensual card in the look of it.
I also really like the 8 of Swords.
Really it is hard to pick only a few favorites.
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annik's Avatar
annik  annik is offline
An strange animal
Join Date: 28 Sep 2004
Location: Montreal
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It is hard to find one card. There is a few cards that I find attractive.
My two top most favorite would be the lovers and the sun. The lovers because the man make me think of an roman soldier (or the main character of the Gladiator movie) The sun because I had a soft spot for picture of our solar system.

After that, I have four cards that I like in no particuliar order:
The five of cups -- The man seems discouraged. It makes me feel I have to hug him! Maybe I may have a soft spots for soldier of old! lol!

Seven of swords -- The guy makes me think of Bruce Campbell in his role of Autolycos (Hercules and Xena) So it is my cheering card!

The King of Cups -- There is Saturn in the nightsky. I am drooling more on the planet than the king! (-:

And not the least : The King of Swords! I find it cool that his throne is floating into the air. And there is Nepture in the nightsky. But for this one, I feel attracted by both the king and the planet!
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Phantom Goddess's Avatar
Phantom Goddess  Phantom Goddess is offline
Join Date: 10 Jul 2004
Location: Florida America
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Phantom Goddess 

I adore the Lovers card. It just leaves me breathless when I hold in my hand.
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Paperdoll  Paperdoll is offline
Join Date: 03 Feb 2004
Location: Oklahoma, USA
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Thumbs up

I really like the Empress card in this deck. It is a little different from most decks, yet I still get the feeling of protection and "mothering" from this card. She is lovely but in such a way that it seems a "natural" beauty. She seems to be looking out for the whole world. Another card I love is Strength. Again, you usually don't see the woman walking beside the lion like they are equals. It comes across to me as a type of "comforting" strength, not a dominating one.
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Elektra  Elektra is offline
Join Date: 14 Dec 2004
Location: New York, USA
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Gilded favorite cards

Originally Posted by Asher
And my very favorite Minor card is, without a doubt, the 6 of Swords, which evokes for me the Lady of the Lake in her barge, coming and going to and from the magic island of Avalon to help shape the affairs of the world.
I get a total Mists of Avalon vibe from this card too . I really like it. It's serene yet powerful.

My absolute favorite card is the Ace of Cups. It's stunning. I bought the deck on the strength of that card alone.

The Queen of Swords...Thanks, Ciro, for giving all us air-sign women a significator to be proud of.

Funny enough, my significator seems to be the King of Wands. Totally appropriate personality- and sign-wise (I'm a Leo), but it makes me laugh because I'm a woman!
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Osiris Darkmoon's Avatar
Osiris Darkmoon  Osiris Darkmoon is offline
Join Date: 21 Aug 2005
Location: Texas, USA
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Osiris Darkmoon 

I'm still soaking up this deck, but so far I've been strongly drawn to The Magician...his penetrating gaze all while juggling/controlling the elements in such a "universal" setting...really speaks to me and my daily life.

I'm also drawn to the Nine of Cups...looks like fun....
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Card Reader/Fortune Teller
Join Date: 08 Jul 2004
Location: Tacoma, WA
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I love the whole deck so much that it's very difficult to pick just one favorite card. If I have to, though, I'd say it's the Fool. I love jesters and Mardi Gras images. Like someone else said, this Fool does look like George Bush---but this card actually gave me some insight even into him----maybe he really doesn't have a clue, after all.

Anyway, for now that would have to be my choice since you asked for just one. Ask me again 78 times and it would be different each time because they're all my favorites.
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