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skaught  skaught is offline
Join Date: 06 Oct 2016
Location: MO, USA
Posts: 25

7 of cups/ 3 of pentacles

Overwhelmed dreamer with head in the clouds seeks team-oriented decision-maker to help navigate some difficult choices. Ideal respondent will be gorgeous, wealthy, well-educated, with a big house and many cars. Let's work together to get my life back in order. Actually, on second thought, you should be a self-starter who's willing to meet me on my terms.
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nomadslife  nomadslife is offline
Join Date: 30 Nov 2016
Location: USA
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3 of wands / 6 of wands

A young man born on April 5th, who is maintaining steady commitment and on his way to success, in need of abundance and a descendant of the empress is seeking a victorious horseback rider, gender neutral, born on July 24th with whom he could maintain a cooperative relationship and could be of assistance that would lead to success.
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RNDeanna  RNDeanna is offline
Join Date: 17 Oct 2016
Location: Ontario, Canada
Posts: 139

Ace of Wands, Emperor

Horney, energetic, single male with big hands and a stick to match seeks secure, stable, older male for some hot times. Tall sexy boots, facial hair and a love of male sheep are your possible assets. Come ram some fun into your day before my fire blows away in the wind.
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UniversesCollide  UniversesCollide is offline
Join Date: 20 Nov 2016
Location: FL USA
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8 of Chalices/Seven of Wands

SWM new in town, making a fresh start after moving for a career change, seeking strong and capable SWF who doesn't need a knight in shining armor. If you can fight your own battles but are looking for a no-baggage companion for adventure and support, I'm your guy!
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Sonia Doris  Sonia Doris is offline
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Location: Romania, UK and inbetween
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Sonia Doris 

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RWS - IX of Cups & II of Wands BOTH RX

Cocky businessman with a flair for dramatic red hats and who has a habit in squandering money and projects to no end, seeks a man with a big stick and rather smaller red hat who is afraid of commitment or starting any sort of project because he feels hopeless and bound to always lose.
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Shanachie05  Shanachie05 is offline
Join Date: 10 Sep 2014
Location: Massachusetts, US
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5 of Wands and Queen of Pents

Argumentative Schizophrenic seeks rich, mature, stoic companion. Must be good at thinking on your toes and changing plans midstream, depending on who you are with. There's five of me, so it's always going to be exciting. Be prepared to be my foundation since I don't always know which way is up! I'm battling myself most of the time. Your energy and wisdom can be my grounding salvation. All of my selves are looking forward to meeting you!
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Cynthia_H  Cynthia_H is offline
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Location: Lost in space
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This is a great idea !!

Dreaming Way Tarot - 2 Swords / Eight Cups

Visually challenged sashimi chef looking for a well seasoned travelling companion who can carry a lot of baggage for one week's Pub tour in Ireland. Unable to see committed relationship with feelings so ideal companion needs be able to walk away at the end of the tour.
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violetdaisy  violetdaisy is offline
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Location: Indiana, USA
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Fun Stuff!

Fey Tarot
Knave of Swords seeks 7 of Wands

Youthful daydreamer (or space-cadet) seeks spirited female to chase off his demons and protect (his?) dreams.
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nnett154  nnett154 is offline
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Location: Phoenix, AZ
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Originally Posted by samantha View Post
Knight of Cups - 7 of cups

Young musician seeks like minded creative and imaginative dreamer to be my muse and love. Smokers welcome
These two are the significator cards for my ex and his new partner, and your interpretation couldn't be more straight-on solid for real life.
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