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Rejection! Spread (for when they don't like you back)

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Rejection! Spread (for when they don't like you back)

I just posted this to my spreads community on lj, but as that place is a bit empty, I thought maybe I could post it here. Hopefully I'm doing this right.

So there are a ton of spreads for relationships: before they've started, while they're happening, after they've ended...but this is more for the relationships that never were. You build up the nerve to tell them you like them...and you get flat out rejected!

And, since this just happened to me, I decided to do a reading for it. I knew that my feelings weren't returned, but I wasn't planning on letting her ever find out she'd need to tell me that. So I was a bit lost as to where to go. I couldn't really find a spread that worked for me, so I created this:

Spread layout:


Shaped like an X. I love X-shaped spreads, and it's appropriate in this case.

Card 01: What impact will this have on our relationship?
Card 02: How do they see me now?
Card 03: How will my feelings change?
Card 04: What should I do next?
Card 05: What does the future hold?

Now, positions 3 and 5 are somewhat vague. Card Three can refer to your feelings toward that person or your feelings toward your relationship, or even your feelings toward telling them. I did this spread and the card that came up actually represented my feelings toward myself! (Six of Wands, if you're interested. I'm proud of myself for being able to say something, even if it didn't end the way I wanted it to.)

Card Five can refer to new relationship prospects, a turn in your relationship with that person, or as it did when I used this spread, it can refer to a change with you. For example, I got the Four of Pentacles in this position, indicating that I'm going to be alone for awhile, and be more guarded with my feelings.

I might post the reading I did in the Your Readings forum, but as I'm without internet, I don't want to do it now since I won't be able to respond. Hopefully someone else can get some use out of this spread too, and if you have any suggestions for it, please let me know
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o0 i like that spread. im going to do it tomorrow and ill let you know what happened. =]
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Thank you Let me know how it turns out. I haven't done the spread for anyone else, and I don't know about anyone else who has used it, so I can't wait to hear how it works for other people!
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I like the spread very simple too. However I started laughing when I read:

Originally Posted by Chara
I love X-shaped spreads, and it's appropriate in this case.
Wondering if there is a way to have it in huge red color too. Been there done that and I think I will most definitely try this spread and like you I totally agree that at least I had the nerve to say what I wanted.

Thanks, Chara
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