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Lying spread

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Lying spread

Not a spread I would normally make, but I think if used in the right way it can be used as a catalyst for fixing problems rather than making them worse. Please note that I'm not making this spread to pry into anybody's life, but rather to pry into a situation in which people are contributing to.

I would be indebted to you if you could come up with a spread to find out who's lying and why. The situation involves several people and an unsolved rumour. It appears to me that only one person is telling the truth, and 5 are involved in 4 are lying to some degree. No one story matches up and I'd like to know who the source is and how the situation connected and unfolded. Pls let me know if you need any more info than this. Thanks in advance if you are able to do this!
Its a pretty simple spread, actually.


14-16 are kinda off to the side, I'll explain why in a little.

1-5 are the rumor line. It should describe what is going around and confirm what you have heard. It may help to keep 6-10 facedown.

6-10 are the truth about the rumor. An important assumption is that the rumor has any truth at all. I suggest interpreting this line with caution. If you get a bunch of random cards, or cards that suggest not to worry, then it may be saying "forget this, its a waste of time, it will only bring more problems to get into it". If a lot of cards suggest movement, them maybe it's saying move on.

11-13 are probably the more helpful cards. Think of this as a bridge between rumor and truth. It is telling you how things were misinterpreted. Keyword how. The process between truth and rumor. (I called this line 'how it unfolded')

14-16 are distortion. This part is optional and laid out in a slight fan to the side. The reason it is optional is because it may name names, which is not for everyone. Up to card 13, it is just giving you information on the miscommunication and possibly why. Given that, I thought court cards would present the personality type of those involved with it. Cards flanking a court would give more information on the events themselves, but it may also explain why someone did it in the first place. If you use this constructively, and the person did not have bad intentions (thats a whole 'nother spread) it may fix things up. But as I said, this is optional because you may not care about those reasons (or care not to know period).

I hope that can be used as a useful spread, let me know if you have any questions or if I should fix something.

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Hi there,

I thought i would give this spread a go, i needed to find some truth about an on going situation and it was very interesting what i could see in the reading.

Thanks again
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This is a great spread, very insightful. Thanks for posting it. ^_^
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Thumbs up Nice Spread

I did this using the Transparent Tarot. A Deck I have been chasing for months. I laid them out as you described and then placed the different series of numbers overlapping.

A very good spread that hit the issues covered squarely.

Thank you.
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