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Judgement card

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I see this card as Judgment from the eyes of an artist. (The creator of the deck, even.) The artist is their own harshest critic. To me, the artist in the picture is haunted by her own work, her expectations for it, and her own self-criticism.
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oooohhhh.. i like that definition.....
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thats a good view of the card.
At last, I'm getting somewhere with it!
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Imho, there are two different perspectives to this card.

One... the person in the card is actually Mara.
This has been - if I remember correctly - he last card she did, after three years of work.
With this card she was picturing her dread, love, satisfaction, expectations... but also the closure of her work... the transition between art and a deck.
Her images caming to a life of her own, while she went back to "sleep".

On a more symbolic way, it is magic coming to life in everyday space.
Judgement is a transition - a powerful one - between life and death. It is the ultimate threshold.
In the Fey world, the trumpet call does not divide the just from the unjust, but rather the awake from the slumbering. The attuned to magic and wonder and "life", from the unattuned.

It sort of say: "wake up!" and "dream on!" in the same sentence.
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A question for RiccardoLS

This may have been asked before but, does Mara realize the affection that the tarot community has for this creation? I feel that what the two of you have created here is a tool that prompts us to read for people on a higher and deeper level, to bring a more universal/spiritual/magical/human dimension to what we can offer querents. The Fey is not just another deck, it may become a "cult" sort of deck, something that points us all in a different direction somehow. Please accept our thanks and pass on our best for Mara in her new ventures. Dave
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Thank you for your reflections RiccardoLS. What a wondreful view of Judment: the awakened are called to rise up! I love it. Thanks. I never was really comfortable with the just/unjust feel of the RWS card. But this one is wonderful. Thank you for the insight and the gift of this deck! BB, Michael
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September Pixie 

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Perhaps the reason the humans head is down (resting) is because many of us have trouble actually seeing (or believing in) Fey.. so the world of possibilities exist for those who believe without having to see.. (kind of like a child)... however, I see this as a card of rest and completion.. enjoying your rewards (relaxation) after much hard work..

thats just my take
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Interpretation of Judgement Card

I recently purchased the Fey Tarot, and came across this thread. I'd like to put in my two cents on the Judgement card.
I agree with a lot of what has already been said. I also like the fact that Riccardo has added his ideas in what the card is conveying.
I, too, think this card is an aspect of the artist. Since Judgement can suggest the end of an era or achieving a milestone, it could reflect Mara's personal and professional milestones of completing the deck (it has been said already, but this was the last card to be completed). In a reading, then, it can suggest a completion of a significant chapter/phase/project in life.
If anyone has the companion book for the deck, on page 30, there is a sketch for the Judgement card that has the Fey actually examining the work of the artist. I really like the sketch, as if reinforces the interpretation of "examination and evaluation." It's also the next phase in any creative process; getting your work out into the public and dealing with the opinions of others (criticism being among that).
On a more spiritual note, for me, the card suggests that we are co-creators in the process of life; we do our part (the artist having done the work), and then we let our guides and helpers in the spirit world (the Fey) do their part. Sometimes, even, it's only when we have exhausted all of our own resources (thinking we can do it all ourselves), and give it up to Spirit, can anything truly wondrous (or, magical, if you will) occur.
Thanks for allowing me the space to share my thoughts. Thanks, TarotGirlJess, for starting this thread! Great discussion!
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Originally Posted by TarotGirlJess
Oh BTW what'd you think of the World?
Have you ever seen the movie (animated) Beautiful Dreamer by Rumiko Takahasi?
Or read the Disckworld novels by Terry Pratchett?

The world should try to be everything at once and togheter... convey a feeling of completeness and yet of space, of infinity and unboundness (I wonder if such a world does exist).
And I think - of all the cards - this is one that really should leave its sense (not necessarily its meaning) to the viewer. It is him/her that will have to make sense of his/her world.

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I think she has her head down, exhausted. She does not realize all the good she has done for everyone. I don't think she should be so hard on herself. At least that is a subjective opinion for me as I drew the card today and came here to see what it meant. She will awake again and until then everything is just fine.
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