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A question about The Fool

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I don't usually identify the Fool with beginnings.
That I feel much more the realm of the Magician.

A beginning would seem to imply a direction and an end, while the fool is more about space, unstructureness, instinct, void.
As in the book, it is the Fey of the many beginnings.

I think of T.S.Eliot words (it is the second time I fall back to this words in just a week): "shape without form, gesture without motion"

Maybe the core of the card is more on "the question" (what is to ask a question, what is a question, what is to ask, what is to seek) than on "the answer".

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Hi Chaps & Chapesses
I got my Fey a few days ago and to think I nearly traded it (ugly LoS edges too big for hands) I got my scissors out (yes they weren't happy about that but I DID promise to be careful & so they said it would be OK)
Now I LOVE this deck and I'm sure it will be a favourite (shh pipe down I can't say my favourite FOR EVER I haven't seen everything yet...ok probably my favourite for ever, happy now? )

No if it's OK with you all (being a Fey newbie) The Fool Card has been speaking to me...

Have you ever done a candle meditation in a quiet room until ~ the whole universe opened up and you ceased to exist - then you had the "Who am I compared to THIS?" moment....

In my Fey the Fool is still captured in a moment in time, paused mid step, but there is an look of transfixed wonder on his face. There is an element of scare in the Jack o Lantern (because it's Fey) but the light still shines and glows illuminating the glory within...

I look at the next card in his journey, the magician & see that he too has a light in front of him (but this is of his own magical creation), the magician is mastering creation and his rings (like the tripple earrings of the fool) are now on the magicians sleeves..

I go back to the Fool & see that maybe he is (for once) listening to his inner voice, the keyhole above him in his "crown" speaks of possibilities, he will be who he will be.... he has the keys to his own kingdom, he just has to work through his journey and find the key to his lock.....
(if he ever gets past his moment of awakening that is!)

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rcb30872  rcb30872 is offline
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I haven't had the Fey for a long time, probably about a week, or thereabouts. I am taking a proper look at it now. Well, to me the crown sort of says that you can be your own king, queen or emperor or whatever else, or you can have your crown of glory. But you have to try all these things first until you find the thing that fits with you.

To me, it is like one of those competitions where there is one lock, and all these keys are giving out, and each one who has the key, and they all have their turn of trying out the key until the key that fits and unlocks the lock is the one that gets the prize.

When you think about it, a lot of us have to try on a lot of things first before they find the thing that fits them. That is what life is about, all these experiences and learning from your experiences. The Fool is the one that goes on his merry way and try all these new things.
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