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New edition of The Tarot of Prague for 2016!

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bleubohemian  bleubohemian is offline
Join Date: 14 May 2014
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New edition of The Tarot of Prague for 2016!

Sorry if there is already a thread...I could not find one. Baba Studios is releasing The Tarot of Prague again this year and the special edition will be cold stamped with metallics! I saw it on their fb and I am too excited
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tapestry  tapestry is offline
Join Date: 08 Nov 2007
Location: Maine, USA
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Yippee!!! Been wanting this one for a long time now!!
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littlethings  littlethings is offline
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I just saw this on their fb. Very exciting news!
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Padma  Padma is offline
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I hope they will do a book to go with - I have the 2nd ed deck, but need the book...well, want the book, anyways!
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meeka4monty  meeka4monty is offline
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Location: Australia
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Yay!!! Oh, I didn't think the day would come where I could own this beauty. This, I'm excited about.
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Lokismile  Lokismile is offline
Join Date: 15 Jul 2008
Location: California
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I own an earlier copy, a cherished gift from a friend. it is a powerful, magical experience to read with this pack. enjoy everyone -- if you fancy the theme or images, do not hesitate to buy it.
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MoonGypsy  MoonGypsy is offline
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Wonderful news....but i am curious as to the price of this metallic stamped beauty...

ETA: Okay, i did some sleuthing, and i found out that Baba Studios will be taking Pre-orders later
this month. The deck will have similar metallic effects as the Alice Tarot. The Deck will be
available in Medium and Large sizes--NO mini. i heard nothing about an updated companion book
or re-release of the original one.

The New Tarot of Prague is scheduled for release in April!
i couldn't find anything about cost...thus far.
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Originally Posted by MoonGypsy View Post
i couldn't find anything about cost...thus far.
I don't know but it wouldn't be unreasonable to guess it would be the same or more than the Alice which was similarly cold metallic stamped.
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Le Fanu  Le Fanu is offline
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Le Fanu 

Definitely want a medium... Wonderful news. A new lease of life for a spectacular deck.
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