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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step FOUR

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21 ways - Step 4


Once upon a time the Goddess felt creative once again.
She opened her eye and sent forth rays of energies. They cristalized into Gea the Beautiful, in fhe form of a woman, and Pan the Most Active, in the form of a snake.

They were beings but also energies, bound to behave in a certain way as to create a Universe, once they were set in motion.
As beings, they were not consciously aware of their task, and we're worried and afraid of each other.
But their instincts drove them powerfully toward the fulfillment of their destiny, and in the glorious moment of their union, they were for an instant fully conscious of the eternal cicle they were periodically called to restart, just one step deeper then the last time they did it.

Gea felt attraction for the serpent and wanted him, but was afraid of his looks, so she decided to keep her hook handy while trying to rub his body..
But this was not her environment in some way, even though she didn't remember anything else.. something was wrong, time seemed suspended..

There was something really of the utmost importance that needed to be done just after getting out of the eye..
but what was it, exactly?..
She thought it had something to do with eggs but she didn't know where to find them.
All the environment looked as made for life and motion but momentarily stopped.
She was to set it in motion again

And there was only that scary, enormous snake to ask for help!!

Why did he hissed at me now???

Aw.. sorry! I was to step on your head!
But this hiss... its so sexy. .
I must get rid of this hook cause the serpent is to be moving in a few sec and I am to ride him!!!!

Without thinking Gea let go of her hook and jumped on the snakes back and allowed him to coil around her, their body rubbing against each other.
Eventually the spiralling movements brought her in the same coil were the eggs were ended up, and she rubbed herself against the eggs too, feeling a resonating movement from within..

It was pure ecstasy, personal to each one of them and collective as the whole environment got in motion when the eggs eventually hitched and none of them was no more

They all got back in the wet womb of the eye soon as the eggs broke and the universe tu bled out of them, sleeping and dreaming of the stories going on in the universe till the next End and Rebirth of the world..
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step 4

Ceccoli Tarot - King of Wands

A huge girl stands in the middle of nowhere, her skirt's lifted, releasing a small dragon who spits fire and approaches a man who looks terrified.
The landscape is empty, the sky is cloudy.

Story as an initial thought on the picture's contents:
Thinking of wrong proportion: the girl is bigger than both man and dragon. The dragon is cute. The girl has no legs. The land is empty. Nobody is coming to a rescue. Usually, girls get rescued from dragons, and they are happy about any knight or prince coming along clad in shiny armour and carrying an impressive sword. No sword here. No chains. Not even rocks or a wild sea to give a dramatic landscape.

2 First Person Story:

Good grief, am I angry with this man! The angrier I become the smaller he gets. Seeing him shrink before my eyes makes me feel good, and even more furious. He should not have come that close, he should not have taunted me. He thought I was just a helpless little girl, and nothing would happen. Now he has a problem!
My dragon takes care of the matter, and I am happy to ignore the terrified shrieks of that man. I am so happy I found this dragon. Presently, he is still a baby dragon but one day he'll be big enough to fly.
Sometimes I think, the dragon gets the better side of me.

3 How this relates to my present life:

Hm. I sometimes wish I had a dragon to release just a pet dragon, nothing beastly. I can also become really furious, and I am not afraid of many people. Which can be difficult at work as I should respect my boss. Not because she is a brilliant boss but because she is my boss.
At times, I have very bad communication skills. I get so angry, I do not wish to speak a single word which is pretty scary for others. Silence is a terrible weapon.
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