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ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step TWO

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Putting It Together...

Originally Posted by SistaSpirit
Waterfall- In this scene, I see it as divine grace coming to earth filling the gaps in between our realty, while creating a sacred pool of unlimited grace.

This pastoral setting is the King’s “temple” where he comes to refresh his spirit. Fishing is the medium (meditation/prayer).

The Bluebird is a messenger from God bringing tranquility to this space.
Your take on this reminds me of a what Edgar Cayce said regarding meditation and prayer...
"Prayer is like talking to God, meditation is a way of listening to God."
You really brought it all together for me with your interp of the bluebird.
Just beautifully put together SistaSpirit, once again
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step 2 - 21 ways - beginner's tarot

things to look at for the king of cups:

the water fall – water, flow, speed, control (or lack thereof), the large (phallic?) rock dividing it

the river flowing from the waterfall – connection with the waterfall, direction of flow, width, the shoreline

the greenery – trees, ferns

the figure in the foreground – gender, facial expression, age, clothing, posture

the name of and symbols on the card – meaning, how they relate to the images

the colours

the overall feel of the card

the frame

reading what the querent has to say in the book, here are my responses:

i’d wonder about what made the person start with the waterfall.

in general, the person seems to be more interested in the surroundings than the person. maybe i’d ask about that.

perhaps i’d look for whether they notice the things outside the image itself – the frame, the name, the symbols. i’d also pay attention to whether and how they notice colour.

i’d definitely pay attention to how much they stay in the sensory elements of the image, and how soon and how they start to weave a story around the image.

(in my version, there is a page missing which may hold more descriptions).

here is my card:

the empress (l’emperatrice)

a woman sits on a throne, although it’s not clear whether the object behind her is the throne’s back or two mighty bluish-purplish wings. she wears a golden crown; 5 of the spiky ends are visible. the crown is not open; it is topped with a golden cap, which itself is capped with a small golden ball. behind her is a golden-white halo with 9 stars (probably more, but those are the ones that are visible). her hair is wavy and grey and goes down to her shoulders. the expression on her face is calm; perhaps she wears the tiniest of a smile. she wears an orange-red dress with golden decorations on the collar, along the button line and on waist. in her left hand she carries a long scepter, held upright. in her right hand, she holds a golden coat of arms with an eagle on it. over her right arm and across her legs and feet, she has draped a deep blue cloth. in fron of her sprout three flowers; stylized white daffodils, i would say. the ground is sandy golden, fading towards a sky-blue at the top of the card. the words “l’emperatrice” are written in capital letters on a scroll at the bottom of the card.

this is the empress.
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Dreaming Way Tarot - still

Activity 2:2

(Yes I described the card in the book, yes I got all of the objective/subjective sentences correct, etc.)

My daughter as querant (because she's available and did step 1)
the card is The Chariot

I had her describe the card to me and watched her body language and facial expressions closely (but hopefully not *obviously*) and then wrote after she was done and not in the room anymore.

The whole time she was standing, leaning on the back of a chair, with the card in front of her on the table. She was fidgety and did not sit down. In a "hurry." Standing doesn't gain you much time in moving from point A to point B but she's 14 so whatev's.

The first thing she mentions is the castle in the background, and that it's covered in moss (upon close inspection it's - from what I can see - other forms of greenery, ivy, bushes, trees, really overgrown, is it still live able?). Then she states that there "is a black and white horse." (Singular, not plural, and there are definitely 2 horses, one black, one white.). I mention that I do see two horses thinking that she's just in a hurry and not paying attention to grammar and she says "there are black and white horses." (Hmmmm.)

She tells me the rider looks "festive." Then tells me that the castle is not on a clif, but at the edge of a lake, with rocks in front of it. Her next comment is that the rider and horses appear to be riding on water, or at the very edge of the water, since no solid ground can be seen in the foreground.

My daughter finishes by saying that the rider is wearing read, white and blue.

I KNOW she was trying to do this exercise quickly. It's Friday, she's in high school, and ready for doing something she wants to do. However, this also makes it quite apparent what is most prominent for her in the image.

- The Castle: the castle itself, the *moss* on the castle, the rocks in front of the castle, the lake in front of the rocks.
-the "festivity" of the rider (including the colors of his outfit)
-the lack of land in the foreground.

Things not mentioned At All
- The sky
- The roofs on the castle buildings
- Her perception of the gender of the rider
- The "calmness" of the water (and the green beneath it or reflected on it)
- The position of the rider or the expression or the pattern of the clothing
- The fact that the white horse is wearing a riding "cloth" and not a saddle.

Things that I Know are important about this card and who she is right now.
1) Rider is "gender-less" (she's questioning the gender she relates to more)
2) Things don't have to be black or white, or in-between, they can be black and white.
3) I've drawn this card before as one of the cards of "why she is able to see 'the orbs'" (we have orbs I never catch but she and her dad do, he has a couple of photos). So it's a prominent "being" card for her.

She's gone to her grandmother's house on a bike (we basically live in the county, within city limits) so grandma's is a 2-mile bike ride down a country road not traveled very much. She wears a helmet and has a cell and has common sense and knows road rules so all is good.

Hopefully I can pin her down later to put her perspective in first person. I hope I'm able to gain insight on some of the features she didn't mention.
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Hey violetdaisy!
I am glad you are writing down your steps in the forum!
I am well behind as I am at step 10 and taking my time, but I am happy to have someone else on the road..
Good luck!
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