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ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step THREE

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Thanks for the imput Dave. I have the reversals book, so will look more into it. Typical that my favorite deck right now is the Druidcraft where the devil is Cernunnos. Unilke the devil i beileve this card has more to do with the taking on responsibility. Though it also has the obsession factor as well.
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For coyoteblack

I've read your Five of Swords post several times now. You have dealt with this disturbing card nicely, given your experiences. Like our other list friends, you have been so candid and open -- these qualities draw us deeper into your writings and adds to our understanding. I just wanted you to know that I do appreciate your sharing as well all move onward in our growth. Dave
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Unfinished business?

For all of the ADEPT LEVEL participants . . .

Mary Greer has reminded me that an important component of Step Three is to "re-evaluate your own card in terms of what you just learned about it by assigning an emotion to each card of the deck."

This is an extensive amount of work -- not that we can't or wouldn't want to do it, but in terms of the posting, typing, and effort of others to review and gain from our individual efforts. I propose the following choices:

1) You do, indeed, review and list/post an emotion for each card in your deck.

2) You review your deck and post only those cards that surprise you in terms of the emotions you associate with certain cards. If there are only a small and select number of cards, you might want to explore that emotional-word you associate with it.

3) You can choose to skip this step, or do it at any time over the next month or so.

I suspect that we may surprise ourselves at what we find. I expect that I will follow my second suggestion. Dave.
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Thanks Mary & Dave for the heads-up!

Victorian Romantic Deck


-The Magician’s left hand is on his open book under the light.
He looks Confident
-The young prince’s right hand on a birdcage as a servant approaches, extending a crown to him in the Wheel of Fortune.
Astonished by the servant’s appearance.
-In The Sun, a woman holds flowers in both hand as she is led on horse back by a cherub.
She seems trusting of where she’s headed.
-Ace of Wands has two figures, but only one hold high a fiery torch.
-Ace of Cups, a male figure dives deep to meet the female figure. His right hand extends down, while her left, up.
Relieved at having reached his better half, finally.
-Ace of Swords, a fairy holds a flower over a sword while sitting on a cliff.
This fairy looks meditative to me.
-Ace of Pentacles, a female floats in mid-air, her hands extended holding a single pent in the left hand.
Note: My 4 of Wands looks very much in sync with all the aces, because it’s (4 of Wands) got a new energy feel to it, so it fits right in. With the above majors (Magician, Wheel, and Sun) this 4 seems to provide a rhythm and rest period to the unfolding of events.


-The High Priestess…the smoke that does not cloud her but veers to her left.
It’s like she can see right into me, so I say…incisive.
-Justice’s scales, seems to be in balance as a man fall off a cliff. Feels objective.
-Judgement’s illuminated couple who know the Truth. I get a reverent feeling from this version.
-2 of Cup’s failure of eye (eyes the window to the Soul) contact on her part. Cautious.
-2 of Sword’s submission to a greater knowledge or being. A student of the Truth?
This figure seems hesitant.
-2 of Pentacles is good at practice to garner a fine reception from their audience. Focused.
-2 of Wands is expecting something/someone, her fine clothes (dressed to the 9’s) and jewelry. All for a great reception. Expectant.
Note:With the minor 2’s, the 4 of Wands acts like an alarm clock-wake up!
With the above majors…an affirmation that one is on the right track.


-The Empress expression of tenderness and love for her cherubs.Soothing
-The Hanged Man’s hand on his forehead. How creative can he be to set himself free?
At a quandry
-The World has a toss up, how will she land in this celebration? Mindful
-3 of Wand’s quiet observation, becoming one with nature, and blending in with the scenery.Reticient
-3 of Cup’s ladies…one holds something in their hands…paints, writes, and plays a musical instrument.Ease
-3 of Swords has sorrow, her hand to her face, crying.Hoplessness
-3 of Pentacles has smiles from children as a man whittles a piece of wood.Attentive
Note: The 4 of Wands could pose a distraction to the minor 3’s while added busy-ness and entertainment with majors.


-The Emperor’s weary look on his face. He keeps to protocol, but has other concerns on his mind. He defines “establishment” even though it appears he would rather be some place else.Contemplative
-Death, a man hold’s a skull in his left hand, he grimaces to the sight of it.Chaotic
-4 of Cups a dandy surrounded by a bevy of beauties. He has a glazed look in his eyes.Indifferent
-4 of Swords deep slumber. His golden garb is still on him as he sleeps. Unconscious
-4 of Pentacles, again, a stagnation and glazed look. Is anybody home? The hands engaged in the tedious…holding a string of pearls in one hand and a fan in another. Alienation
-4 of Wands has all girl band. The hand holding the stick to batter the drum. There is structure in this motley crew, enough to make something out of nothing.Bold
Note: Here is where the 4 of Wands should be at “home”, but it doesn’t feel that welcomed or appreciated. It would be like playing to an indifferent crowd and bombing. What’s that saying- “I know you’re there, I can hear you breathing”,lol. This is one of the first times this Wands card just doesn’t fit in, but I don’t think they (4 of Wands) gives a hoot.


-The Hierophant has a rabbi and his young pupils, his right hand holding his glasses. I see this card as I see the Empress card, very caring/loving
-Temperance sails along, alone, on a boat. Her hand extended over earth’s sea.tender and protective
-5 of Pentacles has a cross made out of straw, that sits delicately on mother’s lap. She holds tight to her boy in a warm embrace. They huddle together.Cause forcompassion
-5 of Sword’s little people with a big plan.Interested
-5 of Cups has a lady admiring flowers that she came upon as she walked along her path. Aware
-5 of Wands has looks of fear, a possible threat as one man dares another (shirt ripped open). Rebellious
Note: The 4 of Wands is accepted here with the majors, and protected(Temperance). With the minor 5’s, it also becomes a fluid part of the story and adds support here.


-The Lovers coming together in marriage. Faith & innocence
-The Lovers (2 Lover cards in VR)in the mermaid and fisherman, one coming to the assistance of the other. Passion & wonder
-The Devil is a portrait of a woman wearing bat wings and making an offering of flowers and jewelry. There is a bag of gold in the background. Glee
-6 of Pents a lady offers payment to a little flower girl who holds a single flower to her. Receptive
-6 of Swords shows 4 ladies coming towards the shore, to, what I guess, is their home. Dawn is breaking. Weary
-6 of Cups shows simply two little girls on an outside balcony. It is winter. One looks above to the heavens, the other to the street below.Curiosity
-6 of Wands a regiment of soldiers are moving forward, leaving a town.Proud
Note: Pay attention!!! That’s what the 4 of Wands seems to be saying to the minor 6’s…look above(cups), look behind(swords), look to the side(wands), look ahead(pents). With the majors(Lovers, both cards, and Devil), it is a party atmosphere, and I do sense a wedding among them.


-The Chariot 4 women in a chariot pulled by purple demon-like creatures float high in the sky. High enough to be side by side with the moon.Urgency
-The Tower has 2 men, barely alive after a shipwreck. They both hang to what was the ship’s mast in a raging sea.Oblivious
-7 of Pentacles has a flower girl picking her bunches in the forest, from a bush. Focused
-7 of Swords shows a soldier leaving a location. He is loaded down with a chest, a bag, his sword, gun, and gun powder. He gives a single look back, taking in the scenery. Sensible
-7 of Cups A man fishes at the edge of a pond. He looks like a fool with a pointy hat and shoes. He has been fishing for a while and has accumulated a number of different items all from this one fishing hole. Foolish
-7 of Wands a man is taken by surprise as he faces 5 spears blocking his path. Fear-fight or flight
both the Chariot and the 4 of Wands seems to be giving aid to the Tower, coming to their rescue. For the minor 7’s, the 4 of Wands feels like a ticking clock(again) and that time is almost up, so finish up.


-Strength a lady surrounded by lions. She gently has her arms outstretched to them.Patience
-The Star a naked lady, thigh high in water takes both her hands to her heart. Her eyes remain closed as she stands still under a starry night. Wholeness
-8 of Pentacles a young man intently paints a picture on a vase. He appears to be fully engaged in what he is doing. Joy
-8 of Swords It is a foggy night, a ship is anchored to a dock, there is a full moon. Before this ship is a woman who sits with hands tied. Her look is not of desperation, rather, longing. She is young and beautiful. Naïve
-8 of Cups a woman walks in a courtyard, her dog behind her. She has a handkerchief to her face. Seems like she’s crying. Sorrow
-8 of Wands a race is on between a naked man and an antelope. It is all down hill on this rocky and rugged terrain. Who will win? Excitement/consumed
Note: lost in memory is what I get when the 4 of Wands is thrown in with the minor 8’s…everything seems to be mental. even with the 8 of wands which is consumed(obsessed) with reaching "the end", instead of focusing on what simply is. There is a feeling of opposites in the combo with the majors. A general sense of calm despite the clamour of the 4 of Wands. Strength persists in bringing it(calm)to her lions while The Star takes pleasure in being enveloped in it(calm).


-The Hermit an old man sits on a rock overlooking the sea. In his left hand, an hourglass, and in his right, a sickle. His only clothing is a deep burgundy robe. Contemplative
-The Moon a woman sits alone in the moonlight, combing her long, luxurious hair. She is a certain distance away from her home, but still within sight. Distracted
-9 of Pentacles a woman of some social stature stands in front of her property. One hand on her hip, and the other holding a basket of freshly picked flowers. Confident
-9 of Swords a woman sleepwalks on top of a roof, she is lit by moonlight. Her hands are clasped, like in prayer, with a single gold thread encircling her left wrist. Unconscious
-9 of Cups a man in a pub, looks fishy-eyed down the bottom of a flask of some drink. Satiated
-9 of Wands the doorway of a home stands agape. Flashes of fire within. Whatever occupants there are, they are dead or unconscious, still within the house. Outside this doorway stands a Roman soldier. He wearily stands guard with spear. Fear
Note: The 4 of Wands challenges the Moon to concentrate, while the Hermit is indifferent to the noise. With the minors, the 4 of Wands doesn’t allow them to get comfortable, or disrupts current positions.

10’s and the Fool

-The Fool has a girl balancing herself on a pedestal, she performs for a crowd. Weary
-10 of Pentacles a man in casual, but neat attire sits and sells his produce. A couple stands under the arch of a bridge. In the distance a clock tower stands, and a village is visible. Confident
-10 of Swords death nears in the guise of a wave in the sea. Her watery form lies next to a man nearing death. She gives comfort in her embrace.Relief/release/surrender
-10 of Cups a family reunion as it’s youngest member gets, perhaps, christened. Joy
-10 of Wands wood is gathered and carried in a makeshift basket strapped onto a woman’s back. In her arms she carries a baby in a cradle. There is another woman in the distance carrying an armful of sticks. Burdened
Note: I can see the Fool and the 4 of Wands as being co-workers. They seem to have the same energy, even though the Fool’s is waning at present. All the minor 10’s give the 4 of Wands consistency in that they all show endings and beginnings. The 4 of Wands stays the same throughout.


Page of Pentacles
A young man sits on a chair (throne?) the lining of his cloak covers it complete. The time is marked, although I can’t make it out. He sits quietly, hands gripped together. A door remains closed under where the clock sits. Pensive

Page of Swords
An older boy stands in the open field, in front of a castle, perhaps his home. He holds a sword still in its sheath. He listens and waits. Observant

Page of Cups
A young maiden plays the organ as a page waits to be addressed. Seems He/she has a message contained in a closed silver cup for the young girl.

Page of Wands
Front and center, a tiny figure of a boy sings with a choir backing him up. The remnants of broken reeds around his feet, and a laurel of flowers on his head. Bold

Knight of Pentacles In a dark forest, a knight has his hand kissed by a damsel. His fighting spear/pole chopped off. A dying dragon in the distance. Serious

Knight of Swords As if in mid-air, atop his horse, this knight struggles to hold on to an unconscious angel. Simultaneously, he looks to do battle with whatever force that has harmed this angel. Anxious

Knight of Cups is surrounded by fairies who adore this fellow. He basks in their attention. Focused

Knight of Wands a couple gather in a beautiful garden. Their eyes meet, no words spoken. Acceptance

Queen of Pentacles has a woman sitting and holding a huge platter. She is fully dressed in evening attire. She sits in front of a stately home.

Queen of Swords this queen stands with sword in hands, surrounded by mountains. Her dress is plain, but appropriate to the terrain. Secure

Queen of Cups sits on her throne gazing away from a sleeping cherub to the heavens. Distracted

Queen of Wands another lady in her garden, there is pride in her posture as if someone were ready to snap her picture. She holds a red mask in her right hand. Poised

King of Pentacles dressed in full royal garb, crown and all, this old king has seen better days. He rides his horse with a servant who walks on foot. They are walking beside a lake, a castle in the distance. Tired

King of Swords balances his stance between his sword and a rock. Where he stands is a darken place that no longer is. An edifice, which once was rich in splendor, now stands in ruins. The sun beats down in the distance, but he cannot see. Sad

King of Cups is in the company of servants. He is confident and calls forth at someone to come to him. He sits at a golden table with a few morsels to start. Welcoming

King of Wands is enjoying a musical performance. He is in the company of his court. Appreciatiative
Note: the only connections that I made with 4 of Wands and the courts are that they are either performing for them(kings), or actually, become them after they split up(queens), or add direction & insight to the Pages, and lightness to the situations with the knights.
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Step 3 for Me!

3:1 It’s hot but the person and animals are comfortable in the heat. The king is concerned about what he is looking at. He’s trying to find out what’s happening over there. Will it threaten his authority or his comfortable throne room? He’s in charge and he knows it. (I’m going to do the rams and the lamb in the first person. They just turned out that way!)

First person:

King: I am sturdy and stable in my warm throne room. Everything is as it should be, except, what is going on over there?

Rams: We are curious and quizzical. What are we doing in a throne room? What’s going to happen next?

Lamb: I am proud. I am just a little lamb, but I know what to do. I have an important job representing the king as his standard bearer.

How this relates to me:

It is important to me to be in a comfortable cozy environment at home and at work. I guess I am vigilant that it remain so. I can safely explore outer events when I’m seated in my own space.

I’ve been having vicious hot flashes. It feels like I’m in flames, but I’m not as comfortable with it as these guys seem to be!

Also, when I feel out of place, wondering why I’m in a certain situation, I’m much more uncomfortable that the rams are.

I’m a legal secretary. Sometimes I feel proud of helping my bosses do well. I am satisfied to be the helper part of a successful team, like the lamb.

3:2 I had trouble understanding this step. I did it kind of cursorily, but then I decided that it was asking what would you assume about a person who used these words to describe the card. (So I redid it.)

Cold, bleak, sleet: This is a lonely, shut-out person.
Stormy, low clouds, sad, nothing will ever get better: This person is depressed, with all the self-centeredness and close-mindedness that entails. Ugh.
Wounded, broken hopes: This person has been hurt and betrayed by someone.
Dancing for joy, showing off, delight in someone else’s pain: This is a person with an inferiority complex. He/she alternates between feeling insignificant and feeling better than everyone else.

I wouldn’t really be that judgmental about a querant, but these thoughts would probably skim through my mind. A good reminder from Mary to keep an open and compassionate mind when reading!

3:3 I went through the list and picked one emotion word for each card based on my emotional reactions to the cards. (Didn’t cut the words out though!) I think I was a bit hampered by a limitation in MY emotional vocabulary. But, also, since this is a non-scenic pip deck, the more “human” emotions, like “affectionate,” “contemptuous,” “carefree,” and “annoyed” weren’t represented. This deck is more about how it makes me feel, which are more basic emotions, like “depressed,” “secure,” “happy.” The court cards seemed to have more complicated emotions like “longing” and “surprised.”

I was surprised at how well some of the emotions evoked matched the meanings of the cards, and also how some of them didn’t match! I assigned to Death “eager”! and to the Lovers “reverent.” That’s what they feel like to me!

The emotions I used the most: Secure at 5; reverent at 4; depressed at 3; smug at 3. There were 2 “enthusiastic,” 2 “ecstatic,” 2 “insecure,” and a bunch of others I used twice.

For suits:
Wands: Enthusiastic, determined
Cups: Happy, depressed
Swords: Defensive, apprehensive, insecure
Disks: Secure

1 Ecstatic
2 Enthusiastic
3 Hopeful, hopeless
4 Secure
5 Overwhelmed
6 Happy
7 Insecure
8 Depressed, optimistic
9 Optimistic, anxious
10 Irritated
Princesses Confident
Princes Secure
Queens Triumphant
Knights Daring

The hardest to assign were Aeon (I wish “mysterious” were on the list . . .); Star (also a little too mysterious for “benevolent”); Fortune (settled on “anticipatory”); and 2 of Disks (I decided the look on the snake’s face was “smug”!).

Using my “results” to evaluate the Thoth deck, I would say it is a deck that speaks of basic issues in life and the world. It doesn’t focus exclusively on the human condition—it can speak of universal conditions. It has a spiritual “reverent” focus that, however, doesn’t shy away from sexuality (“lustful,” well, the card is CALLED Lust!) or negatives (“terrified” and “disgusted,” for example).

Will work on step 4 and beyond tomorrow! Don't you love weekends?
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For rachelcat

Hi, I read your post with interest. You put a lot of work into this --- good for you! I have the Troth deck but have never warmed to it, never used it, never studied it, just looked at the cards and "back in the box." So, I won't offer comments other than to say I'm glad you are pursuing this experience with us, and I'll look forward to your other posts. Dave
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Adept step Three

using the Druidcraft Tarot
oh, cool. I was one of the people who participated in Mary's survey of emotions and cards! My mom and I did it together and then sent in our discoveries for the survey (many years ago).

cold, stormy, bleak (sad?)
feels like low, ominous clouds (threatened?)
sad and dejected (pity party?)
wounded with inner pain (what could be causing this pain?)
cold, lonely (person who avoids people?)
broken hopes (self-centered?)
poor me (defeatist attitude?)
dancing for joy and delighted (little concern for feelings of others?)

I did these a couple months ago and not sure I understand my notes.

Wheel of Fortune - expectant, trepidation, joy
Tower - terrified, surprised
6W - triumphant
AW - excitement
9P - satisfaction
4P - smug
5S - confusion

I notice that some decks are nearly devoid of emotions in the facial expressions of the characters. Some decks are somber, some are joyful.

discordant, confrontational, sad, apprehensive, bitter, decisive, sorrowful, heartbroken

Energetic, lively, zestful, determined, distressed, joyful, expectant, enthusiastic, festive

loving, calm, apathetic, curious, optimistic, peaceful, introspective, happy

satisfied, serene, longing, benevolent, confident

Hardest to assign an emotion:

1s would be expectant and hopeful
5s would be uneasy, distressed
10s would be satisfied and complete/settled
Pages would be excitable, anticipatory, curious
Knights would be daring, adventurous, aroused, courageous
Queens would be accepting, affectionate, tender, serene
Kings would be calm and decisive
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For Rachelcat

Nice work with the Thoth! I bet that was tough since you were dealing with what I call "moody minors" (somewhere between Marseille pips and RWS illustrations). I have actually restarted 21 Ways with a couple of friends I am teaching tarot to and I am using the Cosmic Tribe which also has moody minors, my chosen card is actually one of them *LOL*. But back to your exercise, I really enjoyed your descriptions and conclusions. I have studied the Thoth on and off for years because the deck does fascinate me, and I could really connect with your comments and descriptions of the deck. Excellent job!
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Hi, Jewel! Thanks, I really got into study mode on that one!

I LOVE the Cosmic Tribe! (I think I would have trouble whipping it out to read for people, though!) I hope to rope it into my Thoth study at some point. I didn't go so far as you to use a minor for a chosen card, though!!!

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Chela. She is my roommate for Readers Studio. We met on the RS ning. And she just joined AT. And, like everyone else, she is farther along than I am in her 21 Ways study!!
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Originally Posted by rachelcat
I LOVE the Cosmic Tribe! (I think I would have trouble whipping it out to read for people, though!) I hope to rope it into my Thoth study at some point. I didn't go so far as you to use a minor for a chosen card, though!!!

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Chela. She is my roommate for Readers Studio. We met on the RS ning. And she just joined AT. And, like everyone else, she is farther along than I am in her 21 Ways study!!
~waves at Chela~

I can't imagine why you would have trouble whooping the CT out for a reading! ~chuckles~. I think 21 Ways is the perfect way for you to become comfortable with your Thoth and open you up to studying it without being intimidated by everything.

You just keep trucking along with 21 Ways and you will be caught up before you know it!
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