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Horary Reading for Major Tom

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Horary Reading for Major Tom

Your question was:

‘Will my business activities be enough to meet my financial need or do I need to go out and get a job that pays a regular salary?’

With clarification the emphasis was on the first part of the question, the second being only an alternative if the answer to the first part was No.

I cast the chart for the moment I understood your question, even and as the clarification confirmed my understanding I let the chart stand.

The first part of the reading is to check whether the chart meets four classic ‘considerations’ or ‘strictures’ ‘before judgement’. I have posted a separate message on the Horary Astrology thread about these so that I don’t use too much space here.

The next step is to check whether the chart describes the circumstances you find yourself in. As the querent, you are represented by the first House of the chart. This has Gemini on the Ascendant, so your ruler is Mercury. Mercury is in the sixth House, which amongst other things rules ‘Service’ including paid employment. Your concern in someway relates to employment. Your question related to a new career move but as originally phrased had a reference to a paid job. This placement does seem to reflect that. Mercury also rules your second House of material property – so this confirms your question’s concern for your providing for your material (and financial) needs.

The tenth House of career has Aquarius on the cusp. Horary Astrologers nearly all use the traditional sign rulers, even if they use modern rulers for natal charts. Therefore the ruler of your Career is Saturn, which is in your first House – the House describing you . This further confirms the description of the situation as relating to career and employment.

The Part of Fortune is in the fifth House suggesting that the question relates to direct and speculative self expression – a new career as a self employed person is certainly speculative. The fifth also relates to organised amusement so there may be some element of this in the issue.

The tenth House represents your career. It contains Uranus and Neptune, neither of which is particularly beneficial. Uranus is strong in Aquarius, it can indicate sudden career changes, or a highly individual or unusual career, or possibly one involving the use of computers or the internet – I would take the the unusual career as describing your intended career speculation. Neptune indicates that you have dreams and aspirations relating to your career – which reflects the question. Clearly the tenth House also helps to describe the situation that you faced with.

The Moon plays a major role in Horary Astrology, especially when judgements are difficult. In this case the last major Aspect the Moon made was to the Sun, also in the sixth House of paid work and the next major aspect it will make will be to Neptune in the tenth House of Career. Once again these two areas are reinforced. The trine to the Sun indicates some ease in employment, the opposition to Neptune (also the planet of self deception) suggests some difficulty in terms of career – possibly through misleading yourself in terms of outcomes.

The question is answered by looking to see if your ruler, Mercury aspects the ruler of the tenth, before both of them leave their current sign. The answer is yes they do. Mercury will form an opposition to Saturn in Gemini. This suggests a negative answer to the question. Moreover Saturn rising is usually taken as confirming a ‘No’ answer. Saturn is retrograde so it may mean some delay is involved, though in this case it is also moving towards Mercury, as Mercury moves towards it. I would take this as an indication that the ‘No’ answer will become apparent more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

Now, I have one further issue that has given me some concern (as a reader). I indicated above that traditional rulers are used. If I had used the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, I would have faced a situation where Mercury would trine Uranus and the answer would have appeared to be ‘Yes’. However, Uranus often brings outcomes that are not expected, so I would have been very unsure of such an answer.

I feel that the answer to your question is ‘No’ the new career move will not meet your material needs. Again, there is a qualification. You did not specify a time period for the question and Horary answers are not for ever. It is quite possible that if you ask the question again in six months or a year you will get a different answer, as circumstances will have changed. For the foreseeable future, though, the answer appears to be ‘No’

Finally the ‘Health Warning’ – don’t forget I’m new to this, so I might well have misjudged somewhere.
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Major Tom 
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Thank you very much Minderwiz for all your efforts.

I'm going to take the answer as not yet rather than no - but I'm prepared to face any eventuality.

This is indeed a very interesting method.

Thanks again.
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Join Date: 20 Apr 2002
Location: Wigan, UK
Posts: 7,888
Student of Astrology

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I think you are right to take the answer as 'Not Yet'.

Horary answers do not hold for ever, or necessarily for a long period of time. You could well get a more favourable answer in 6 - 12 months.

Also the answer is that you could not meet your needs from it at the moment - but you could still do the business as a sideline and re-evaluate it, if it takes off.
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