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Tarot in 2009

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Tarot in 2009

I'm wondering what people are planning as far as Tarot use, learning, studies, and anything else related to Tarot for 2009.

I decided to do a year-long intense Tarot study, not of any particular deck, but of the 22 major arcana and the 14 levels of minor arcana (Aces through 10s, Pages, Knights, Queens, Kings). I plan to give each major one week, and each level of the minors 2 weeks, for a total of 50 weeks. At first I planned to do them in order, first the Fool through World, and then Aces through Kings. But then I decided to make it a sort of year spread for my year ahead. I removed all but one suit and the majors from a deck, shuffled it, then drew a card for each one or two week period at random. The Kings will ring out this old year and ring in the new as my first two-week study. I actually started my study day before yesterday, since I want to start each new segment on a Monday. At the end of the year, with the time remaining, I'll do a one week study of the suits, and then a week of review.

My process will include studying the cards from about 9 favorite decks, some of which I haven't yet used very much but love -- such as the Golden Tarot, which I've sadly neglected since purchasing it. I'll be journaling about the cards, reading about them, and I may even do a little painting, since I hope to create my own deck (for my personal use and to read for others) eventually.

I already have my new weekly calendar set up to chart my way through this study.

How do you plan to Tarot your way through 2009?
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I'm plan a busy 2009 for tarot.

I'm trying to learn a couple of programs so that I can try and create some simple animated tutorials for youtube. I thought it might be a fun way to teach the games and introduce the cards used to play them.

Appart from that, the text and design of my site needs correction and revision. So, lots of work there. I've not been able to do much work with regards to the games over the last six months but I'm determined to make more time in the new year.
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epvitale  epvitale is offline
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Originally Posted by philebus
I'm wondering what people are planning as far as Tarot use, learning, studies, and anything else related to Tarot for 2009.
I'm planning on getting my e-biz of the ground and still studying to learn more and get more comfortable with my decks.

And oh, to start a daily blog (sort of an online Tarot Journal) to share with everyone.

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I'm planning on really working at my own tarot deck, which will help me really work out what the cards mean to me, and how to portray my meanings better. It might also help me to explain the cards better when doing readings face-to-face, which is something I have trouble with, as I have trouble getting words out properly.
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I plan on acquiring more decks.
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1. to pull a daily tarot card. i started out doing this when i started to learn cards this january but i stopped somewhere along the way.

2. to make a deck of runes cards because i keep dropping rune stones on the bus.

3. BUY BUY BUY more decks ofcourse!
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I plan on using the tarot for personal inner stuff. Not for anything external for myself just only to help myself on my journey for what I need to do. To also start reading for more people. Just to keep toned with the tarot.
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Le Fanu 

I plan on compulsively buying fewer decks! Ive reached a stage where I have all the decks which I feel coherantly reflect my tastes. I only have one serious deck on my wishlist (the Vandenborre if anyone has one they donīt want!). But itīs actually quite nice having just one serious deck on my wishlist. I know one day Iīll come across one. No rush. No stress.

I look at my decks, love em all and know that buying the rest of the stuff out there is just aquiring for the sake of aquiring. I also have a sense of my collection being a coherant whole which reflects my tastes and my definition of what tarot is for me. I like this sense...

There will be new releases Im looking forward to (eg Touchstone, Dame Fortuneīs), but I look at the Scarabeo and US Games titles in print and know that I have all the titles which matter to me.

I could rotate my decks on a weekly basis and still not be bored. I have to learn to love what I have and remember I donīt want what I donīt have!
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diane drizzy  diane drizzy is offline
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diane drizzy 

Having gotten the Golden Tarot by Liz Dean for my b-day a few weeks ago I want to work closely with that deck. I really love the majors. I've always had a hard time with non-illustrated minors, however but the colorings are pleasing for me. This will sort of be my IDS deck I guess.

I'd also like to find the "perfect" bag for them. This can almost be in the league of finding the perfect deck.

My Faeries Oracle miss me, so I want to spend more time with them too.
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I plan on really making the most out of this year and focusing on my Tarot studies as well as Oracle. These past two months have seen a number of changes in my life including learning the cards, and ive seen how they can be a powerfull motivating force to help. But of course increasing my collection to!
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