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How many decks do you guys have?

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Originally Posted by EmpressArwen View Post
Holy smokes! Can I come over? I just want to look! I will put on white gloves and will try hard not to breathe/drool on them!
I've had dibs FOR YEARS on that! I suggested she start a tarot B&B many, many years ago.

I realized that I really need to reconcile my spreadsheets as I've had a number of sale threads here at Aeclectic (some duplicates never got entered into the spreadsheet and some that were listed in the spreadsheet never got removed) and I have another huge box of duplicates to deal with. So I roughly have 1470 tarot decks, 342 oracles (although I'm pretty sure duplicates aren't counted there), 692 Tarot books and 61 Oracle books. Election polls have a +/- 4% margin of error, so I'll go with that for my numbers.
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I have a paltry 10 decks but I seem to stick with one or two primarily. I think with different artwork you will pick up many different variations of meaning.

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I have a grand total of 3 tarot decks, plus one oracle deck, though I don't use the oracle or one of the tarot decks at all really. Once I learn a deck I just kind of stick with it... not much of a collector of card decks as I collect other things like crystals, though I would like to have some more fun holiday & animal themed decks.
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I have to ask for a margin of error like rwcarter as I don't think that I have counted duplicates, though I have very few of those.

My spreadsheet, which is reasonably up to date, suggests 395 tarot decks and 94 oracle decks in which I include Lenormand.

Although I have a reasonable number, I have to say that I am a rather random collector.
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Without backups (I count second editions with only a few changes compared to the first edition as backup too) I have 17 tarot decks and 14 oracle decks (including the lenormand deck).
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Jen P 
Smile How many decks I have

I've only been collecting for less than 2 years. So far, I have 21 tarot decks and roughly 80 oracles. I'll never have as many as a lot of you have - just not enough money nor room for them!
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Four tarot decks, and fine with it. Don't want more for the moment. Too many decks scares me.
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Just one, Tarot of the New Vision.
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I like to keep a running count:

I have 187 tarots and 127 oracles (including lenormands), for a total of 314. This includes one paid-for-but-not-yet-published tarot (Tarot of Brass and Steam) and one loaned-and-probably-lost oracle (Astrology Reading Cards).

This total does not include playing cards, flash cards, or loteria cards (because I haven't actually used them as oracles yet!). Also does not include non-card divi items like runes, pendulums, and crystal spheres.

I seem to stay right around 300 decks. Any more than that, and I get the urge to purge! So stay tuned for a trading thread!
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