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The Goddess Oracle Deck by Thalia Took

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Hi Thalia,
I have been a fan of your deck for AGES, and have a plaque of Gaea on my wall at home.

I also find your representation of Artemis to be, well... riveting!

I've been waiting longer for your deck than any other.

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Little Hare 

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I have to admit I'm eagerly awaiting this deck. Beautiful stunning work
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Although I normally have no interest in goddesses, the sheer beauty of your art -- and the power of your descriptions -- has totally entranced me. It's impossible to pick a single favorite, but among my *many* favorites are Anat, Danu, Nyx and Sedna. The Artemis is amazing too.

This deck will be such a treasure -- I'm so grateful you're still working on it, Thalia. I long to have it in my hands.
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aquestionmark  aquestionmark is offline
Join Date: 09 Oct 2014
Location: WA USA
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Does anyone have any updates on this beautiful set?
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Lucas Prince of Cats  Lucas Prince of Cats is offline
Join Date: 04 Aug 2015
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Lucas Prince of Cats 

Oohh, well, I love it! I love mythology, and I 'm starting tio understand oracle cards more (because I just have tarot ones), and that every goddess ha its meaning. I like the art, and how you describe the goddesses. Can I use these in the same spreads as tarot? Also, I love that you did lilith. One time, I met a woman who doing a project to draw goddesses for different mythologies, and I think Lilith is kind of like a chirstian goddess. I also like the idea of goddessess having tarot meanings. Nice!
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Lucas Prince of Cats  Lucas Prince of Cats is offline
Join Date: 04 Aug 2015
Location: California, USA
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Lucas Prince of Cats 

Also, I suggest doing mamitu. She is the horned goddess of destiny and she is responsible for the brith of children, and a judge of the underworld. zShe is also a goddess of oaths.
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Source Heiress

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i have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this deck to be published...for years...
and years....and years

Thalia, do you hear me?

i don't want a mug....i don't want a T-Shirt...i don't want greeting cards...[well maybe i do]

i want the bloomin' D-E-C-K!!!!!!! please?
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What moon gypsy said!
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