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Ludy Lescot - The Threes

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Pam O 

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The 3 of Cups is curiously unique.
- The floor is made up of the black and white tiles. We cannot really tell if this is an indoor, or an outdoor scene. The floor seems to go on forever. The bird does not look like a typical pet. It looks more like a wild bird, so that hints at it being outdoors. The floor looks like it is cleaned to a mirror shine (with the exception of the water on the tiles) so that makes it feel like it is inside. There is no furniture. Is it a courtyard?
- There is water at the base of the cups. Is it spilled water that was not cleaned up? Is it trickling in from somewhere? What is it symbolizing?
- Do we have any ideas why her nipples are exposed in this scene?

The 3 of Wands is also unique.
- It is set inside.
- That clown doll strongly reminds me of the 6 of Cups. I am a bit mystified as to why these are linking up at this moment, and how to interpret the alignment...

Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
I love this card. And I never noticed the bird before you mentioned it!

Oh, I never saw the black cat either! What a good thing to have a study group
I did not see the bird either!
I thought the grapes were being put into the cup and it reminded me of wine.

My mind feels shocked at all the symbolism right there in plain view that I did not notice until I read about it here in the study group.

It feels like a strong message to . . . ...... . . . "Open your Eyes and See what is really there!"
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An artist is painting something, he looks annoyed over his shoulders, not sure if it is a mirror or a painting he is working on, but there are three human beings you can see on it, very intruiging indeed. A black cat appearing from his left side, looks just as irritated as the artist. I am very curious about those people we can't see directly, are they his models, some colleagues minding their own business or patrons who just showed up with money and felt it was their right to interfere with his artistic vision?

The problem is that if you are too nice with patrons, they will kill your artistic interpretations of the assignment and all that is left is the craft. Which is nice in it self, but not really what the patrons paid for to begin with.
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3 of Cups

To me, this has the feel of being at a party, and the girl is in a courtyard. I feel as though she is sobering up, which could explain the exposed nipples, (which could tell of the night before - perhaps she has been dumped by a lover?) What has transpired, she seeks comfort and solace in feeding her bird friend. She also looks to be almost driven to insanity under societies laws.

Does she resent her life, and longs to be somewhere where she is happy? Or is she a peasant girl having a "Cinderella" moment.

3 of Pentacles

I get a completely different feel to this card. I feel this card is about Pamela Coleman - Smith herself. The image is both a picture and a mirror to me. If you read the introduction in the LWB, it says that she knew an artist friend called Adam, who was a friend of Pamela's. This feels a double homage to both Adam & Coleman - Smith.

The cat to me indicates that our male artist is taking on a role similar to what PCS did in her day. He has a puss, which people will think is not common place for a man, PCS was an artist who was female as is considered equally as taboo. Everyone is mentioning about how the patrons could be hard on him, how hard was Waite on PCS? Is this telling the story? It seems interesting how I spied that in the LWB. In terms of reading the card. Mastery of what has gone before. Mirrors to see in the past and you add your own magic to what has gone before.

Question I keep feeling is, Is this card a homage to both Adam for making the tarot accessible and happens to be a friend of Pamela Coleman - Smith? Equally with the homage is a little bit of passive aggressiveness in defence of Pamela for what she went through and did she get the money she deserved?

(Last bit went probably a bit too deep).

3 of Wands

Not much from me on this one, but, to me, the wands could contain maps. Also there is a butterfly on the trunk as well. I feel this trip could change you in some way. In response to Pam's questions, could both cards indicate that you should try and remain as childlike as possible to gain the most experience? Trust in the journey ahead?

3 of Swords

I resonate with La Force's mention about a freak accident. When I picked up the card, I felt that there was a chariot on their merry on its journey (life's journey) and then it comes off the track and hits a school. I don't know why I feel this is a school.

The kiddies energy is about being stabbed in the back by someone, or life being to point that is to too painful to carry on, to a point it kills you. Another thing I think is interesting is the fact the lady is wearing rags covered in blood, an attack of some description? Could this be indicative of come off the track in spectacular fashion, and this is the aftermath of it, or is there rape (of the mind) involved?
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Lightbulb My thoughts on the 3's

Ok, here I goÖ.


Iíve always had trouble to understand 2 and 3 of wands on RSW based decks. When I finally got this deck the same happened to me again. After some time just looking at the image I, finally and for the first time, had a clear answer to give.
The girls is in a sort of attic. To me, her face while holding the wands, looks like she did know them and has hold them before but just forgot they were there and now sheís remembering everything.

For me this card invites us to explore what you did or had. Explore the attic of your mind. You already have all the tools you need to face the problem even if you donít remember them. In the past is the answer.


The floor and the light of this card make me think of an abandoned country house or castle, with the huge windows broken, furniture against the wall covered with white sheets and dust. This kind of ghost-telling-place where nature had reconquer the space and birds find a place to build their nests.
The environment seems quite as she is feeding one of this birds. She looks a little crazy but happy and focus.

For me this card encourage us to look for the happiness even when all things around seems damaged and you feel alone. Sometimes the little things made us more happy than the bigger (and sometimes out of reach) dreams.


The man looks annoyed for been interrupted. His hand is still with the pencil on the painting. He doesnít want to stop. The painting seems like is mostly or definitely finished. Maybe he is just over-doing it, trying to improve it when he shouldnít and the person stopping him knows it.

For me this card remember us to not insist too much on things that canít change or donít need to be changed. Sometimes focussing too much on something is counterproductive. This could be related to workaholics or people that in a relation type (of all kinds) push too much and overwhelm the other.

The best for the lastÖ Nah, kidding.

This is the most difficult card to interpret. When I opened the deck for the first time I looked at each card for a moment, admiring them one by one. When I bumped into this one I couldnít stare at it. I just passed to the next one.
I have had to read all your interpretations first before going back to the card and really appreciate it and Iím very thankful to you all for that.
Originally Posted by Quester View Post
After studying this card several times and putting it away I have started to think of the triplets as something her mind sees also. Not as real babies, but thoughts in the infancy stage that she has never been able to form into complete ideas....
Now that ďI knowĒ itís just a dream my mind is in peace. The girl in my opinion has tried to help the ďbaby-ideas-dreamsĒ but it was too late for them. That will explain the dirt and blood on her clothes and the face of pain and desolation. She blames herself for something that canít be reverse now.

For me this card encourages us to keep on going. Donít spend all your time thinking on the things that could have been done or how they result. Itís better to look at the future. Be careful, that doesnít mean to forget the pass but learning from ii and not repeating the same mistakes.

Sorry for my English. Itís not my mother tongue and Iím sure there are quite a few grammar mistakes but I hope it helps someone even a tiny bit.
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3 of Pentacles

It seems like lots of people are having different reactions and interpretations of this card that all run along a similar theme. To me I see in his face that he is offended or even disturbed, and the spilled coin purse seems to suggest that someone is trying to put a price to his art. This card might then stand for having others trying to tell you what your 'art' (or love) is worth, without understanding it's true significance (the man has obviously spent a long time completing this masterpiece and translating his personal vision). By comparing the painting to a price, the people(s) behind the artist have shown that they've judged his artwork, meaning they may have criticisms or suggestions for how it could be 'better' or different - the mans face showing frustration with these comments. This works as a sort of variation of the RWS version (which implied teamwork, collaboration), and shows a situation where there is a creative indifference to a certain project.
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