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Mystical Cats Tarot - The Emperor IV

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Mystical Cats Tarot - The Emperor IV

A red British Shorthair cat is sitting on a red and gold throne. He's wearing a gold necklace of purple/pink stones. He's looking at the reader with a serious and fierce look on his face. It struck me that his claws were somewhat visible on his front paws, as if not completely retracted. His tail is wrapped around his body, partly covering his front paws.
Behind his head, on the throne's back, there is a golden laurel wreath. Above the wreath, on top of the throne, there is a golden crown. The throne is standing on top of a marble pillar that appears to be quite high, judging by the horizon line and the size of the trees in the back. The sky takes about half of the background space, it's a pale bright blue (appears to be midday even though we can't see the Sun) and we can see quite a few pale white clouds.

Colors : In the middle there is a concentration of red + orange + gold. The background is separated in 3 distinctive parts : blue, green, then grey/white.
I'm wondering if it could represent the 4 elements/clans he's ruling over? Blue = Water, Green = Earth, White = Air and Red/orange = Fire? Just a thought.

The book reminds us that the Emperor is the ruler of the 4 clans. His characteristics really give the image of a fair, great and responsible father/ruler. Some keywords about his roles are "maintaining boundaries" and "providing welfare". An important advice is "True leadership combines heart and mind for the benefit of all."
I really see this Emperor in a more positive light than the more traditional one. I don't have a 'stuck on traditions' feel, neither a 'dictator' feel.

At first I thought there wasn't a lot of symbolism to be found in this image, but again I was proven wrong when I took the time to look carefully

British Shorthair : It's supposedly one of the oldest breeds, thought to have been imported in Britain by the Romans during the 1st century! They are reputed to be calm and good-natured cats, yet physically strong and with good hunting skills.

Red cat : I am tempted to say they are a symbol of masculinity, as red cats are more likely to be males than females (80% versus 20%). It's easily explained by the genetics of coat coloring. Also it's interesting to note that the Emperor of the RW deck is dressed in red.

Orange : Color of boldness, confidence and extroverted people.

Red : Associated with the root chakra, the sense of security and grounding.

White spot on throat : From what we can see, the throat is the only area where the cat has a white spot, so I thought it might indicate something. Since one of the chakras is situated at the throat level, I thought it could be it. The 5th chakra is about the ability to communicate well with others and the sense of honor, 2 qualities needed to be a respected ruler.

Gold necklace : Symbolism of wealth, power, success and masculine energy (Sun).

Ametrine : I had a hard time identifying the stones he's wearing. I finally settled on ametrine, but if anybody thinks/knows it's something else, please speak up! Ametrine is a mix of amethyst and citrine that occurs naturally. Its effects include those of both amethyst and citrine and it's mainly used for mental and spiritual clarity and to help disperse negative energy. As we already saw in the High Priestess card, amethyst is a powerful crystal that can be used for a varieties of situations. Citrine properties are related a lot to abundance, power and creativity.

Now a bit of numerology!

6 stones : Number of harmony, balance and social responsibility.

8-shaped gold pieces between stones : Number of abundance, leadership, respect and power. Also on the side it represents the symbol for infinity.

Throne and crown : Symbols of power and authority.

Gold and red (throne) : We can see a parallel here with the gold and red cushion on which the Empress is lying. As we saw already, it's a symbol for abundance and prosperity.

Laurel wreath : Roman symbol for martial victory, used to crown the successful commander.

White marble : Old symbol of purity and immortality. In lithotherapy, marble stones are used for mental clarity, protection and to help with the stability and structure of the mind.

Now I'd like to make some comparisons and analogies between the Emperor and Empress cards.

Both cats have coat colors (orange and white) determined by what are called 'dominant' genes. I think it's quite suitable for the rulers of the 4 clans.

The Empress is lying in a relaxed position with her eyes closed, while the Emperor is sitting straight, facing the reader and gazing directly into our eyes. It gives the Empress a feeling of passiveness, while the Emperor seems to be in a state of calm alertness (so not really passive). Moreover, his front claws can be seen poking out, which could be interpreted as a subtle warning.

The Empress is in a closed space, almost on the ground, while the Emperor is in the open air and looks very high above the ground. To me it tells that the Empress is more connected to the Earth (practical matters, nurturing) and is a protective figure, while the Emperor is more connected to the Air (logic-oriented) and is a defensive/offensive figure.

I'm sure there is more to say but that will be it for now!
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Seldes Katne 

My understanding of the Emperor is that this is a person who efficiently runs a large organization -- an empire, a country, big business, etc. This person oversees many people and activities; s/he must have a vision and be able to plan ahead, while also being able to shift attention to different details. They need self-discipline and strong leadership skills.
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