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Indigo Rose 

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Me Too.
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-March 7, 1972
-9:28 p.m.
-Teheran; 35n40/51e26
-Iran Standard Time (UTC/GMT +3:30 hours)
-Pisces Sun: 1716'20
-Sagittarius Moon: 1111'04
-Scorpio Ascendant: 009'31 (Placidus)
-Leo MC: 409'07(Placidus)

Mercury Aries 324'10
Venus Taurus 041'11
Mars Taurus 1715'15
Jupiter Capricorn 453'19
Saturn Gemini 047'23
Uranus Libra 1728'28 (R)
Neptune Sagittarius 515'21 (R)
Pluto Libra 104'30 (R)
True Node Aquarius 415'27 (R)

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11th Virgo Sun, 8th Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising

Voron Erich Xarya
1973/09/20::11:02am EDT (-4:00 UT)
Prince William Hospital, Manassas, VA, USA
77W29'15" 38N46'03"

Sun 27Vir30'01"-----11th
Moon 10Can00'54"-----8th
Mercury 11Lib34'13"-----11th
Venus 08Sco28'01"-----12th
Mars 09Tau16'06"-----6th Rx/Stat (SR +2 days: -0.0098 deg/day))
Jupiter 02Aqu23'35"-----3rd Rx (slow: SD - 7 days: -0.0260 deg/day)
Saturn 04Can06'28"-----8th
Uranus 21Lib48'44"-----11th
Neptune 04Sag59'46"-----1st

Pluto 04Lib01'15"-----11th
Eris 13Ari07'35"-----5th Rx

Ceres 13Sag16'54"-----1st
Pallas 19Sco23'35"-----1st
Vesta 29Leo04'24"-----10th

Juno 12Sag36'13"-----1st
Chiron 19Ari33'57"-----5th Rx
Chariklo 04Ari43'44"-----5th Rx

SNode 03Can50'09"-----8th
NNode 03Cap50'09"-----2nd
Fortune 28Leo28'52"-----10th
Black Moon Lilith 13Cap42'45"-----2nd (true pos., not mean)

Asc 15Sco57'59"
2nd 15Sag32'54"
3rd 19Cap26'42"
Nad 25Aqu05'20"
5th 27Pis25'50"
6th 24Ari05'30"
Des 15Tau57'59"
8th 15Gem32'54"
9th 19Can26'42"
Mid 25Leo05'20"
11th 27Vir25'50"
12th 24Lib05'30"
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** Screen Name Persephone37

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Pisces 1129'24 in house 1 direct
Moon Leo 1826'11 in house 6 direct
Mercury Aquarius 1539'39 in house 12 direct
Venus Aries 2207'54 in house 1 direct
Mars Sagittarius 212'56 in house 9 direct
Jupiter Libra 334'53 in house 7 retrograde
Saturn Aries 2252'04 in house 1 direct
Uranus Libra 250'12 in house 7 retrograde
Neptune Scorpio 2842'34 end of house 8 stationary (R)
Pluto Virgo 2406'53 in house 7 retrograde
True Node Aries 018'47 in house 1 retrograde
Lilith Gemini 2841 in house 4

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Pisces 317'03
2nd House Taurus 139'04
3rd House Gemini 028'10
Imum Coeli Gemini 1942'44
5th House Cancer 656'11
6th House Cancer 2714'08
Descendant Virgo 317'03
8th House Scorpio 139'04
9th House Sagittarius 028'10
Medium Coeli Sagittarius 1942'44
11th House Capricorn 656'11
12th House Capricorn 2714'08
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Location: County Wexford,Province,Leinster, Ireland
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Screen Name:Isaacrpgr

Plantery Postions
Sun--------------Pisces----------5*30'00-------House 8--------Direct
Moon------------Cancer----------10*45'54------House 12-------Direct
Mercury----------Pisces-----------0*55'34-------House 8--------Direct
Venus------------Aries------------2*46'19-------House 9--------Direct
Mars-------------Gemini-----------11*45'37------House 11-------Direct
Jupiter-----------Leo--------------5*19'59-------House 12-----Retrograde
Saturn-----------Aquaris----------1*58'56--------House 6--------Direct
Uranus-----------Capricorn--------12*39'50-------House 6--------Direct
Neptune---------Capricorn---------16*00'16------House 6--------Direct
Pluto-------------Scorpio----------20*22'31------House 4-------Staionary
True Node--------Capricorn--------27*32'23------House 6--------Direct

House Postions(Placidus)
2nd House---------------Leo-------------------22*42'12
3rd House---------------Virgo------------------14*00'59
Imum Coeli--------------Libra-------------------13*37'40
5th House---------------Scorpio----------------23*34'41
6th House--------------Capricorn---------------4*47'11
8th House--------------Aquaris------------------22*42'12
9th House--------------Pisces-------------------14*00'59
Medium Coeli-----------Aries---------------------13*37'40
11th House------------Taurus--------------------23*34'41
12th House------------Cancer--------------------4*47'11
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Planetary positions

Sun Libra 452'04 in house 5 direct
Moon Sagittarius 1015'35 in house 7 direct
Mercury Libra 2946'54 in house 6 direct
Venus Libra 1439'17 in house 5 direct
Mars Virgo 2324'52 in house 5 direct
Jupiter Aries 2715'24 end of house 11 retrograde
Saturn Sagittarius 1548'43 in house 7 direct
Uranus Sagittarius 2301'32 in house 7 direct
Neptune Capricorn 515'52 in house 8 direct
Pluto Scorpio 832'13 in house 6 direct
True Node Aries 221'37 in house 11 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Gemini 739'37
2nd House Cancer 157'57
3rd House Cancer 2436'05
Imum Coeli Leo 1934'06
5th House Virgo 2026'34
6th House Libra 2829'38
Descendant Sagittarius 739'37
8th House Capricorn 157'57
9th House Capricorn 2436'05
Medium Coeli Aquarius 1934'06
11th House Pisces 2026'34
12th House Aries 2829'38
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02 PM (not as late as half past)
Auckland, New Zealand
174e 46, 36s 52

Sun Gemini 11-24'
Mon Gemini 24-06'
Ascendant Libra, 08-19' (within 25min)
MC Pisces 04-44'

Mercury 26 Gemini 1 21
Venus 25 Gemini 26 25

Mars 17 Pisces 21 56
Jupiter 12 Aquarius 7 20 r
Saturn 22 Gemini 23 26
Uranus 19 Libra 11 58 r
Neptune 5 Sagittarius 55 8 r
Pluto 1 Libra 41 58 r
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

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Barbara's Info

Barbara's Ahajustsde (Barbara's Laughter)
January 14 1955
12:00 PM Time Zone is CST
Vinita, Oklahoma
In Texas since 1978
Sun is in 23 Degrees Capricorn - 10th house
Moon is in 10 Degrees Libra - 6th house
Rising Sign is in 28 Degrees Aries - 12th house
Descending Sign in 28.33 Libra -6th house

Mercury is in 06 Degrees Aquarius - 10th house
Venus is in 07 Degrees Sagittarius - 8th house

Mars is in 29 Degrees Pisces - 12th house
Jupiter is in 25 Degrees Cancer - 4th house - Rx
Saturn is in 19 Degrees Scorpio - 7thth house
Uranus is in 25 Degrees Cancer - 4th house - Rx
Neptune is in 28 Degrees Libra - 8thth house
Pluto is in 26 Degrees Leo - 5th house - Rx

N. Node is in 05 Degrees Capricorn - 9th house
S. Node is 4.41 in Cancer - 3rd house
Medium Coeli 16.49 in Capricorn
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MST3Kakalina astro-info

12:31 AM EST (DST in effect)
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (75w22, 40n38)
Sun: 6* 12' Cancer
Moon: 26* 14' Pisces
AC: 27* 10' Pisces
MC: 28* 30' Sagittarius
Mercury: 1* 23' Leo
Venus: 14* 30' Leo
Mars: 20* 53' Cap (retrograde)
Jupiter: 22* 31' Pisces
Saturn: 4* 17' Sagittarius (retrograde)
Uranus: 19* 43' Sagittarius (retrograde)
Neptune: 4* 23' Capricorn (retrograde)
Pluto: 4* 37' Scorpio (retrograde)

Current location: Clinton, NY during the school year, place of birth during the summer, periodic visits to the boyfriend in Stockholm, Sweden.
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