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DruidCraft 3 of Pentacles

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Thanks, you've added one more dimension to the person wearing the hooded cloak with the possibility of him representing someone having ulterior motives. It could also be someone who is envious of your talent and does not want to give you credit for it.

I have a couple of questions pertaining to this card...
I was wondering what could be the significance of the way in which the woman's hair is tied up into a knot with a braided pattern holding it together. Would the visibility of her neck signify something?
Would the color of her hair i.e black mean something? maybe mystery, occult, materialism? ignorance?

One thing that i couldn't decipher is the mauve and pink hues used in the background.could it be harmony, peace?

Would love to get your views on it

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I can't really think of any reason for those colours. Pinkish hues are normally very soothing and have a calming effect on people, but that doesn't seem to fit with the meaning of this card (working hard and under pressure).

I interpreted the woman's hairstyle as another display of her regal status along with the purple cloak. It's quite a complex arrangement with the braid and it doesn't look like the kind of hairstyle ordinary women would wear every day. Probably the only women who would wear their hair in fancy ways would be those of higher classes who didn't have to go out and work, and had servants to help them put together their appearance in the morning.
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To me, bound hair represents a mother. Or rather, Mother as in Maiden, Mother, Crone. Maiden's hair flows free, Mother's hair is pulled back so she can do her chores and child rearing. It may still signify stature in the pretty way it is braided, but being bound it could be a symbol that she has responsibilities to tend to.
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I must admit I have never really given the hair much of a thought.
there were no scissors back in the days of the Druids, so braiding
was simply a way of keeping the hair out of your face when you
were on task.

This card to me is symbolic of just that ... Being on task, hard work usually pays off
in two ways. Monetary and Respect...

The craftsman is hard at work in his craft of Stone Masonry which is an art form in itself. Again these are the days where you trained in your craft from around the age of 13 or younger and after many years you were allowed to go out into the world alone to ply
your trade as a master craftsman.

This man is a master and his work is not only going to be well paid but others are looking
on in admiration, giving him also the recognition that he rightly deserves...

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