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Glided Tarot - I The Magician

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DeaconBlues  DeaconBlues is offline
Join Date: 24 Jun 2008
Location: Oklahoma, USA
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Barbaras, I also got the impression of a solar eclipse right away!

I can't help noticing how small the suit symbols are that he's juggling, in comparison to most of the rest of the cards in proportion to the people on them. In the Pentacles suit, the pentacles are usually portrayed as being about the size of a shield. To the Magician, it would be more saucer-sized. This, too, conveys power. And do you see how his body seems to extend downward into shadows and infinity? Who knows how tall he is, or what he may be standing on?

I also can't help noticing the contrast between the adeptness with which the Magician handles his tools, as opposed to the Fool, who could come crashing down any second. This Magician is very much in command! And it feels like he's extending his power to me. It's almost as though he's pushing all of the suit symbols out of the card toward me, urging me to utilize them to their fullest. Look at the way his hands are positioned.

He is one of the few personae in this deck that looks straight out of the card and right into your eyes. Power, dominance, mastery, and in a big way!
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PAMUYA's Avatar
PAMUYA  PAMUYA is offline
Join Date: 13 Jun 2008
Location: under the Bodhi tree
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Number one: Creation, potential, opportunity, possibilities.

What a better time for Magician to appear than during an eclipse, the diamond ring effect just above his head. The long flowing gray hair surrounds a face of a man who looks you straight in the eye. All the tools of the tarot are at his command. He is not an illusionist, but a man of the material world. Knowing what he wants, what he needs, why it needs to be done, and then he dose it. I like how this Magician looks like a normal man, not someone who is distorted, someone you could meet on the street (at least around here ). You or I could be a magician, it is within our grasp. A wish alone will change nothing, but decision and action will make it come true.

When the Magician is drawn, Now is the time to act, you know how and why something needs to be done. Your life is under your control, your life is what you want it to be, and your life is what you make of it!

I love this card, brings out the Magician in me. If putting a mismatched tarot deck together, this card would be in it. When Ciro’s new deck comes out, I am really going to miss this card!
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Dragon-Capricorn  Dragon-Capricorn is offline
Join Date: 17 Jun 2008
Location: Midwest, USA
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I love the way the Magician looks at you. It's like he's saying, "I know what I want, and I'm going to get it."

I love the way he looks, his confidence - everything about him.

He oozes confidence!!!!!!!
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xhollysue's Avatar
xhollysue  xhollysue is offline
Join Date: 23 May 2008
Location: Utah, USA
Posts: 202

For me this particular version of the Magician just oooozes "Merlin" energy. He reminds me of Ian McClellan as Gandolf - the old, wise, quiet magician.

He doesn't have to show you or tell you how powerful he is. He just lifts his hands and looks at you and causes all of life to dance before your eyes.
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Mystic Nurse's Avatar
Mystic Nurse  Mystic Nurse is offline
Join Date: 25 Sep 2009
Location: Louisiana
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Mystic Nurse 

I get confidence, competence. He's using determination and effort to keep the suits elements floating. Infinite possibilities that it's within your power to do whatever you wish as all the tools are within your grasp. Notice that at the magician's abdomen, in the middle of the element tools, is clear with clearly visible stars. Again, clarity and possibilities easily within reach.
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canid's Avatar
canid  canid is offline
Join Date: 08 Nov 2008
Location: Ohio USA
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I get BillRothOnDrums! The Magician is my favorite card in this deck & is the spittin' image of Bill Roth, my spiritual mentor who passed away in 2000. It's uncanny. Bill Roth died in 2000 & I use the Gilded for spirit contact; each & every time, Bill's the Magician. Seriously, if you google 'billrothondrums' you can see for yourself.
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veniteangeli's Avatar
veniteangeli  veniteangeli is offline
Join Date: 21 Dec 2010
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Posts: 105

I read someplace else on this forum that the Magician is a man who might not be conventionally attractive, but he's still attractive in another sense - he's magnetic, compelling, arresting. He's looking at me on this card like he can see behind my eyes and he knows what I'm thinking.

More than that, he knows what I'm thinking, but at the same time he's able to perform these amazing feats with the objects he holds suspended between his hands, and he doesn't seem to be expending any mental energy on it.

He's smart, and he's wise in a way most people only dream of. He's the person who you go to when you don't know where else to turn, because by hook or by crook, he knows how to fix it.
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Ryver's Avatar
Ryver  Ryver is offline
Join Date: 09 Jan 2014
Posts: 209

I like that he is not actually touching the items in front of him. To me that says he sees them as helpful tools but knows that he doesn't need them and could do what he wanted even without them. (Of course I also see that he is able to manipulate elements to his will to create what he wants, has mastery over them.)

I look that his face is down toward the work he is doing but his eyes are staring up at the person watching. He can adjust what he's doing at anytime to meet his purposes as he perceives hints or shifts in his audience. He may also be meeting a challenge or I think, more often, giving one. He seems to enjoy being watched, being admired perhaps.
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qtasian  qtasian is offline
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The magician

With this magician Its almost as if he was visualising and manipulating the elements of the universe. The aura around his head seems like he is sending out his energy and vibration to attract what he wants in his life. He can be creative and has control, there are no boundaries. As above so below...he can change the energies and vibrations of the spirit world to bring and form something physical on the earth plane.
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