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Gilded Tarot: The Lovers

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the first thing I saw was balance in this card. it looks like the man is balancing himself in the water so he can blance the woman. It makes me think of the ultimate male. Protective and loving. to me its more like she has a choice. With one hand she's grounded to the man (one choice) and with the other she is starting to reach for the divine. I like this card.
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Originally Posted by veniteangeli View Post
There is a choice in love - to choose to give yourself to it so completely, the way the woman here looks like she is doing

And the way he's holding her, looks like equal parts grounding and worshiping her, if you ask me!
I didn't really see it as a choice, even though that is the keyword. I just find it just the epitome of the lovers and it seems to be all I can see. Thank you for this interpretation.
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My thoughts

This is a gorgeous and sensual card indeed. I get a sense that there is a lot of trust and mutual desire for each other's well being and fulfillment in this card. He stands grounded so she is able to reach spectacular heights of ecstasy physically and spiritually. He is focused on her, open to her. I see the armor as a reminder that he is protecting her so that she is able to let go and full experience the situation. She has complete faith in him and his ability to keep her from getting lost. Her choice to trust him has allowed her to reach this state. Through her, he is able to also touch the stars so in choosing to stay grounded and allow her to rise, he still shares in the experience.

And yes, the dolphins show us communication was and is necessary to achieve this type of balanced union. This is not a union of two casual strangers giving in to a superficial lust. This is a passionate expression of two people with a much deeper bond.

And I can't quite gather the words for it yet but the way her right hand is postured over his head, possibly touching it, feels like an energetic and psychic connection. Perhaps it is not a conscious gesture and more a sign of their connection to each other and desire to share.
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