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Join Date: 17 Sep 2016
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Originally Posted by IndigoWaves View Post
A person doesn't have to be "all bad" to fall into devilish habits, and the King of Cups isn't necessarily above emotional manipulation; he's usually well aware of others' feelings and able to keep his own in check quite easily... So maybe a form of Devil-like control now emerging is his tendency to withhold the emotional connection that the 6 of Cups person has been eagerly trying to encourage/"extract"?

Another possibility (not knowing the card positions, etc.) is that he's sensing chains in her behaviour... If she's after much more demonstrative "feeling sharing" than he is, or seeking too much emotional attention for his liking, it might seem immaturely cloying (6C) and an effort to ensnare (Devil). The King may be very understanding in that case but still careful to maintain some distance. Just more ideas...
Oh I like that perspective on the king, devil and 6 cups. Ultimately the sitter will need to decide whether it fits her relationship, but it's certainly something I will pass on to her.

Interesting point re the devil and sensing chains in terms of her - I had a lightbulb moment re this today, and realised she is the type of person who has held back in the past, and I know that right now she is over-thinking her situation in her head rather than talking to her partner about it in much detail. Of course he would sense that and react to it. Thanks for these insights!
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Join Date: 17 Sep 2016
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Originally Posted by headincloud View Post
With the devil being control, illusion, deception and materialism I fail to see how this is a positive combo. Difficult to tie the cards together but one may be taking advantage of the others generosity with the 6C and or there may be restricted movement or freedom within the relationship.
There is definitely a feeling, on both their parts, that they aren't yet able to 'come out' to the world in their relationship. In my view, the obstacles are mostly in their minds (but it's not for me to decide that it's just in their heads of course!) - even being mental chains, they are still chains. Reflecting on what you've said here, I feel also that the devil and 6 cups could be the tension they feel between feeling held back and chained, and wanting to have the idyllic and 'free' feeling of the 6 cups.
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Join Date: 17 Sep 2016
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Originally Posted by Isobel Gaudie View Post
I'm perfectly with you Grizabella. Thanks for sharing your experience. Mirrors my own quite a bit.
I did get this combination in several instances in a relationship, usually combined with High Priestess, Moon or King of cups. This did refer to a highly dysfunctional upbringing, sexual abuse in this case.

As a survivor myself I thought it would relate to me, but the other person suffered its own tragic share.
But then, I got this combination on other occasions for people in a less gloomy manner. As I'm walking on the queerer side of life I got it for friends that had to deal with the dark sides of getting outed in younger years that caused them massive grief still in later years.
Maybe the combination of 6 of cups and devil could be concluded as a negative preconditioning and shedding some light on past issues might be helpful.

The devil does not need to be all doom. Life is filled with variety. To me the devil can be a very kinky fella and party animal. Nothing wrong with that if kept in moderation. On a lighter level it could just stand for a person that was massively into black metal in their teens.
Thank you Isobel and Grizabella for sharing your stories - I hope you are both in a much better place, sending you both all best wishes I can see what you are saying here - all the posts in this thread, actually, have shown me so many interesting facets of each card separately, and together. I often fall into the trap of reading too black-and-white. The issue of addiction and abuse really highlights how complex these cards are, reflecting the complexities of life of course. I will put these ideas to the sitter - even if there is no abuse, I can see how the circumstances of their relationship has perhaps led to an almost unhealthy dependence on each other, and need for 'known love'.
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Join Date: 17 Sep 2016
Location: In the ether...
Posts: 442

Originally Posted by Nosgo View Post
For me this pairing doesn't necessarily imply negative interpretation. Spontaneously, the first thing that come to my mind when I see this pairing is "fullfilling sex". For me, the Devil represent the ability to take pleasure in the matter, be it by using that matter or by using the result (and by "using" I don't mean "forcing the other"). It's also about the creative masculine energy, what it can create, shape and build.
The 6 of cups can be the result of such mastery on the uses of matter, the emotional satisfaction of a succesfull "work with matter" (yeah sex in a relationship).
Yes, I can see almost how the devil and 6 cups can temper each other, in the right circumstances - like a balance between fulfilling sexual connection and an emotional connection. In fact, the latter can make the sexual connection even strong and more fulfilling.
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Originally Posted by teapot View Post
The latter isn't healthy, in my view, but I can't really think of another card that really speak to the idea of a great sexual bond.
Exactly what I think. Expect from the bond there's only one card that's more sexual than the Devil and that's the Tower (attributed to Mars and fire, phallic symbol). I think if these cards are good or bad for a relationship completely depends on our own view to a healthy sexuality.

Dum spiro spero
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