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Gilded Tarot Court Cards Astrologically

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Gilded Tarot Court Cards Astrologically

I've been trying to figure out what courts belong to which astrological sign without blindly assigning Mutable/Fixed/Cardinal.

here is what I have found out thus far.

King of Cups has a orange planet with rings, probably Saturn
King of Swords has a blue planet with rings...perhaps Uranus/Neptune
King of Wands has undoubtedly the Sun (shown in The Lovers aswell)
King of Pentacles has a pale-orange look,perhaps Venus?

Now, Saturn is Capricorn, a Cardinal Sign
Uranus is Fixed (Aquarius) and Neptune is Mutable (Pisces)
Sun is Fixed (Leo)
Venus is Fixed(Taurus)

So I am still confused. Two (possibly 3) of the cards are Fixed while one is Cardinal. What does this say about Cups as a King? And who has most of the Cardinals? perhaps the queens, since they seem more grounded while the kings are floating in the air? Plus both of mercury's planets are Mutable, so how does that play in?

I would love to see what other people have to say, as I would love to know how to astrologically assign these cards. (Search function wasnt working at time of post so if there is one,please direct me there)

Edit: Neptune and Uranus both have rings, and the "gas" planets are known for having their rings (sun is made of gas, despite no rings) so Venus is the only one who doesn't have rings, and is a solid, "earthly" planet, which makes a good bet for the King of Pentacles being a Fixed Taurus. His throne also looks to be the closest to the ground. Maybe the other kings are "full of hot air? )

Edit 2: Maybe he never really assigned them and just put planets in the background based on color of the planet alone? In this case, how would we assign them?
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bumble bee 

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Guilded - King of Wands

King of Wands - possibly Mars?
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Aurelious  Aurelious is offline
Join Date: 13 Dec 2008
Location: North Carolina, United States
Posts: 174

The LWB tells us the Sun is what we see in The Lovers, and we see The Sun yet again in the King of Wands (similarities are incredibly strong.)

After a night of reading I've come to my personal conclusion, thanks to sweet_intuition's help: Fixed Kings, Cardinal Queens and Mutable Knights. Since 3/4 of the Kings are Fixed due to the planet behind them I can feel safe in these designations personally.

King of:

Queen of:
Wands- Aries
Cups: Cancer
Swords: Libra
Pentacles: Capricorn

Knight of:
Wands- Sagittarius
Cups- Pisces
Swords- Gemini
Pentacles- Virgo
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Originally Posted by Aurelious
Edit 2: Maybe he never really assigned them and just put planets in the background based on color of the planet alone? In this case, how would we assign them?
As annoying as this is, I think this is probably the case, since the King of Cups appears to have Saturn behind him, and Saturn is associated with Capricorn, an earth sign.

On the other hand, maybe the planets still have some symbolism to them: perhaps they are indicating influences outside the Kings' knowledge (note none of them are looking at the planets directly) and control. From this perspective we can say that the planets might be:

Pentacles: Mars/fire
Swords: Neptune/water
Wands: Venus/air
Cups: Saturn/earth

For comparison of all the planets shapes and colours:

There is similar symbolism in the queen cards, but they sem to be more aware of it.

Pentacles: the peacock (a bird, capable of of flight) = air
Swords: the rising sun/fire
Cups: The floral and vine brocade on the pillar an the dress might represent earth.
And the is probably something for water in the Queen of Wands card, I just can't find it right now.
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this is an interesting topic as I incorporate elements of astrology when I do my

I suppose I'm pretty old school with the astrological meanings of the court cards and the major arcana.

the 4 elements (cups, fire, air, swords) relating to the 4 elements of the astrological signs. of course we have the knights, pages, king, and queen
to determine other aspects of astrology.. planets, etc..

the gilded deck is infused with beautiful detail that it's easy to take different
interpretations of elements and astrology and merging them into a tarot reading.

I think the best advice is what/how you feel about your astrological interpretations with the gilded deck. I've a reference sheet to astrology and the tarot and some of it makes sense and others not to clear.
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