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The Moon (Gilded Tarot)

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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising
The Moon card ask of you to use your psychic awareness to feel an aspect of the situation that hidden from your conscious awareness, this go from synchronistics moments or situation to dreams; just be aware of any feelings about the subject meditate about it and hopefully you will find the answer and let The Sun card appear in your life.
Ha! That's the problem I have! How do you discover something you don't know, but you should know? The more I dwell on those things, the less they come to me. And when I drop them completely from my mind, the more they burn me.

Ah ... the moon. The High Priestress burns me this way too. It's like a "tsk tsk. You should know this" card. At least - in my readings ;-)
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One technique that I use to communicate and understand de imagery of a card is inspirational writing, is simple, with my right hand I ask a symbol about itself, then I put the pen in my left hand (the side the right side of the brain control & where the intuition/psychic side are), and in a relaxed way let words, feelings or images to pop out of your mind and write it with your left hand. Of course after a session like this you have to use the right hand to pass the information in legible writing, but is an amazing technique to communicate with your subconscious and you don't need to be in trance or anything like that, you are conscious all the way. I use this technique to communicate with my Higher Self & Spirit guides but that is a theme for a diferent forum. Try it, it help me a lot to understand the Tarot images.
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For the first time in my life last year I started to meditate. I had to start from the beginning with being quiet for 5 minutes and grew from there. I found that my mind was always so congested, my thoughts wondered, and jumped from thing to thing. I couldn’t hear or see the messages or answers that were with in me. I tried all kinds of books for meditation, but the only one that really helped (now don’t laugh) “Meditation for Dummys”. I don’t sit is a yoga position, I just lay down. This really helped me to get in touch with my psychic side.
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Join Date: 17 Jun 2008
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Thanks for the suggestions - I have tried mediation somewhat, but I'm not really consistent. One day, then another day a month later, LOL. Where does life seem to go? Races by too quickly ...
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