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Seven (7) of Pentacles

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Originally Posted by GoddessArtemis
So would the 7 of Pentalces mean a time of indecision? The woman is waiting for something, though it's unclear why she's not climbing the ladder to collect the fruits of her labor. Is she waiting for a better time? Is she hoping the pentacles will fall off on their own and she won't have to put in the final efforts to climb the ladder? Or is she simply waiting for the 'right' time, for the 'fruits' to fully ripen?

I hadn't thought about the squirrel as possibly taking the pentacles away. That's interesting. I had also thought of the sheep, the squirrel, and the scenery as reminiscent of Spring/Summer. Maybe she's waiting for harvest time, though just looking at the card alone, that's not very clear to me.

It can somewhat be an indecision, my experience with this card is deciding if you should keep what you've been working so hard for or take what you've have learned and move on to something that may provide better opportunities, usually looking for better finances or material benefits, but I guess it would depend on surrounding cards. The fruits are in my eyes fully ripe but maybe they can be bigger and juicier and yeild more profit, it's just deciding on whether or not to persue it or keep what you have, it's like trying to decide if you should start over even though what you've been doing may very well be working but perhaps there's more that can be gained. LOL I hope that made sense, when merc goes rx so does my brain!

EDIT:I wanted to add, I don't know about anyone else, but there is the one pentacle (fruit) at the bottom of the tree, it always catches my eye every time I see it, it's kinda shaded out, like it's a rotting or doesn't have room to get any better, it makes me feel like although great progress has been made, there is no more room to grow, and things get be a little clausterphobic, she's looking to me like she's trying to figure out what exactly to do with the tree, nurture it to keep things the way they are or plant new seeds. hmm, I guess either way once you get to the 8 there is hard work ahead no matter what option you choose.
I love this deck, unfortunatley I don't read it all too well.
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7 of penticles

I think that the direction of this card is largly influenced by other cards that you would draw in a spread. I do like the idea of two paths as shown in the Renaissance Tarot . I also like the analogy of whether to hold a stock or sell it. You could say that the squirl would represent the influence to hold and the sheep the influence to sell. How it would all play out would be hinted at in the other cards in the spread.
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Originally Posted by tantricknite
You could say that the squirl would represent the influence to hold and the sheep the influence to sell.
that's an extremely keen observation.
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Perhaps not so much in the 7 of Pentacles in the Gilded, but in some other decks, the card also looks like cutting your losses (i.e./ Druidcraft). Is that accurate about this card, or am I off?

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that's one possibility but not it's not definitive
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Being a gardener there is a point where you need to decide how much to pick, how much to sell, how much to eat, and how much to replant. For the suit of pentacles, did your investment pay off, how much will I invest back into the project, how much do I spend? I see this as a time to step back and plan your next plan of attack, with your project, investment..ect.

This is what came to mind when I saw this card.
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bumble bee 

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Guilded Seven of Pentacles

I did a reading once when my car was getting some body work done.
I could have spent more of the insurance check but this card came up
with the upside down chariot and I would have to go back and see what
else. In relation to the reading I took it to be careful how I spent my
pentacles. My mechanic called and said there was some engine work
which needed to be done. So I spent my pentacles wisely and put used
body parts on where the paint almost matched from the junk yard and
a used bumper and used the rest of the insurance money to do the engine work. You put work into the fruits of your labor and sometimes we can spend and get those little extras and sometimes we need to be wise where we put our money.
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