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Crystal grid for creativity

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Originally Posted by jolie_amethyst View Post
Nope. Some months later, I had a character basically show up as the villain, announce he was really the hero (typical villain), make a huge mess of the plot, refuse to die when I told him to...and yeah, still stuck. I inch a bit closer a little at a time, though, with small breakthroughs like today. Everything I have so far, some 95K words, is now such a disaster that logically I should scrap it and start over with something else. On the non logical side, I've been told by several different divination sources and several of my own readings that it will eventually be done and published. Go figure.
well, good luck and I hope it will soon be done and published!


Have you tried posting good pics of what you have in the way of unidentified stones? We have so many knowlegable people here, they could probably identify at least some of them. I know getting good pics is sometimes a bit of a pain though.
what a great idea, and I should do this--but no, haven't as of yet. I'll have to do this though. thanks.

I'm hoping to feel well enough to go to a local rock & gem show this weekend, as I'm kind of tired of gambling on what you get online. But it's about 90 minutes each way including a ferry, and I just don't know that I'll have that kind of energy. If not, well, there's a small one much closer in October, and that should be easier to manage.
oh you are SO lucky!!! We don't have them here. wish we did though. I do hope you get to one of them soon and come home filled to the brim with goodies!
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The first flaw...

If you have any practice in manifestation, you know that you need to be VERY specific when you send your desire out into the universe. The more precise you are, the more likely it is you'll get what you exactly what you want, rather than something similar.

Figured out what I did wrong yet?

"Creativity" is a very broad term! While I've definitely gotten a bit more writing done, the increase in creative energy over the last few days has focused on other things...mostly jewelry ideas, but it's scattered a bit into other things, like painting and edging Tarot decks too. This would all be fine and dandy, if I were of normal health. As I'm not, I have to prioritize my time pretty heavily, and hours spent daydreaming of or working on a new pendant or twelve is not getting this silly book done! I have the house to myself today, and what's the first thing I did after some chores? Made a necklace.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course. It's just that if I let myself get too wrapped up in other hobbies, the writing will be put off indefinitely. Again. And I know from experience that it will be harder to restart it again.

So I recast the grid again this afternoon, being more specific about the need for greater creative energy to fuel my writing. We'll see how this week goes! The latest version is below--larger tiger's eye chips added to the tiny ones in the base, and six untreated smoky citrines around the outer ring, between the sunstone wands and carnelian hearts. Still shopping around for some double terminated quartz, or better yet, Herkimer diamonds to replace the three clear quartz wands that currently form a triangle around the center vanadinite specimen.

As before, please do share any ideas or advice you have to improve things!

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