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Decks you would like to see in a new edition (due to design flaws, card stock etc)

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The Wildwood Tarot with better card stock. I love that deck but I've distorted/softened the card edges already, even with careful shuffling.
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Le Fanu 

LoS Classical Tarot (the Gumppenberg one) and the LoS Tarot of the Master (Vacchetta).

Those keywords down the side. In fact, any deck which has stuff down the side sending the symmetry off kilter. The AG Muller Jolanda is another.

Oh and one where I WANT more titles on the card - I wish the Via Tarot had Crowley's titles on the Minors (not called Minors I know, but you get my drift) - I want to read this Thoth-like and I have to rack my brains if I want to read with it wondering whether it is Prudence of Satiety or Ruin or whatever. I really wish that this had the Thoth titles.

Mary El without the black borders and shininess. I also wish they would reissue the Klimt without the titles - like they've done with certain LoS decks like the Medieval and Sorcerer's.

I don't have because of all the horror stories - so this is wanting by proxy - but I guess the Linestrider - reissued in sort of half-decent, useable condition.

I'm sure there are others.
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If the Sidhe was on less hideous card-stock, t'would be lovely. I can make the generalized statement for most of the recent Schiffer decks and hoping the Star tarot isn't the same.
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Another vote for a bigger, brighter, sturdier Shadowscapes. I also wish the Linestrider wasn't so flimsy.
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Scarlet Woodland 

Definitely jumbo sizes in Shadowscapes and Paulina. The artwork is wasted on such tiny cards.

Wildwood on half acceptable card stock. (Will definitely look into the superior German version)

Any of Schiffer's, shiny coaster decks, reprinted on their wonderful, Tarot D cardstock please... please?

Gamecrafter definitely needs a premium cardstock option.

Totally agree on the Ghosts and Spirits. I could deal with the backing if the border colour at least matched. The cream VS white issue is the only reason I haven't bought it.

The Ancestral Path images are so tiny in amongst those huge borders for why? I could trim but I'd still need a magnifying glass to see em.

Lots of decks I'd love borderless but I'm scissor happy enough to take care of that
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Thanks everyone for the contributions to the thread! A lot of great (and frustrating ) tips on decks youd like to see in new editions.

Its a shame to see so many potentially beautiful decks being produced on flimsy card stock or with other design issues. Let's hope someone does something about it!
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Originally Posted by Redfaery View Post
Another vote for a bigger, brighter, sturdier Shadowscapes. I also wish the Linestrider wasn't so flimsy.
I didn't know Linestrider was flimsy That one is on my wishlist, but flimsy card stock is a deal breaker.
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Achlys  Achlys is offline
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Abyssal and Vertigo. The images are gorgeous and I will still use them, but the cardstock...ugh
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kittydorkdork  kittydorkdork is offline
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Ohhh fun topic!

I'd pay good money for a redo of the Shadowscapes. Bigger, sexier cards and stock. Something more akin to the Starchild or Didactic tarot would make me so happy.

I'd also love to see the Tyldwick on a larger card. And if we're talking art changes I would add shadows to provide depth (the art is so flat and hard to make out!) but maybe just larger cards would help with that.

And I'd love to see the backs of the Abyssal be different. I think most people would pick better cardstock (seriously its the worst, like a thick magazine cover or photo paper) but the backs are so fugly, especially considering the breathtaking art.

Mary El printed on different cardstock and maybe bigger size (minus the border) like I think she intended?

I could probably go on lol
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There are a few whose borders make them look dreary, despite the artwork; Fairy Lights is one, and there are a few with black borders and very dull goldish trim that make their cards equally dreary (I can't locate their pictures right now). But the absolute worst is the Mystic Dreamer! Those awful yellow ragged-edged borders! When this was in the making, IIRC, it had borders sort of like the Druidcraft, boxy and rustic; I looked forward to that one. But when I saw the finished product, forget it! I'd love to see that original version come out; I'd buy that!
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