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Decks you would like to see in a new edition (due to design flaws, card stock etc)

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Le Fanu 

And I would love a "Professional version" - as in large - of the Liber T and Trevisan's Crystal Tarot
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Wildwood Tarot without the keywords.
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Originally Posted by Lunaea View Post
Wildwood Tarot without the keywords.
I'm thinking I'd appreciate the extra input from the Wildwood keywords, but perhaps it just gets distracting/in the way of an intuitive reading?
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Yes LF! Crystal Tarot (Trevisan) would be so nice! Mine is so tiny after I trimmed those borders off.
Also a less shiny and borderless Mary El Tarot...
& I'll add one more vote to an enormous, borderless, oracle sized Shadowscapes.
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Originally Posted by Scarlet Woodland View Post
Gamecrafter definitely needs a premium cardstock option.
Just bought my first Gamecrafter deck, and if the flimsy cardstock and overall cheesy production values are indicative of their usual, I won't be buying another.
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Originally Posted by Morwenna View Post
There are a few whose borders make them look dreary, despite the artwork; Fairy Lights is one, and there are a few with black borders and very dull goldish trim that make their cards equally dreary (I can't locate their pictures right now). But the absolute worst is the Mystic Dreamer! Those awful yellow ragged-edged borders! When this was in the making, IIRC, it had borders sort of like the Druidcraft, boxy and rustic; I looked forward to that one. But when I saw the finished product, forget it! I'd love to see that original version come out; I'd buy that!
I second that, for the Mystic Dreamer ! When I first saw the images on the net I thought the photo-images were cool, but I cannot stomach these giga borders made to look like a fake parchemin from wich a central portion would be torn off to let the photography appear. At least I suppose it is what it is made to look like, but who can be sure... The borders in themselves I find tacky enough as they are, but also the rather modern style of the images (photo) clashes so much with this supposedly old parchemin....
I do not understand the aesthetic vision behind these.
The reason I never considered getting this deck are the borders (though one could always trimm them off, I guess). But, I have enough decks as it is, so, so be it.
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I'm not picky about card stock but I think the Light & Shadow would look spectacular on sturdier, matte cardstock. The way it looks now, the art loses some of its remarkable power. And that's a pity.

But I can't remember another deck right now whose cardstock really irritates me. I didn't really like the Holy Light's linen structure but since I let that deck go (lack of chemistry, unfortunately) so I don't care. And I see that others are vastly pleased with it :-D so who am I to say anything?

I trimmed the Vacchetta so the asymmetrical titles don't disturb me any more :-) but they disturb me in the Golden Visconti, and I won't trim it. But in general, I'm all for unobtrusive borders. I want to communicate with the images, not the borders. But I'm a rather ruthless trimmer so I don't hesitate to change what I don't like. And the Vacchetta looks SO much better trimmed - this greeeeen! ugh!
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Definately the Mary-El with a decent cardstock. Borderless would be nice, but its current "sticky" lamination needs to be changed.
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Originally Posted by G6 View Post
All decks that only have one edition printed DOOR SIZED aka beyond standard Tarot card dimensions = 2.60 x 4.72 inches.
Ditto. At least *offer* a "standard size" deck. Playing card size is sometimes a bit too small for the imagery but decks that are 3x5 etc. are very difficult for me to handle
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Originally Posted by Tarotwolf View Post
Definately the Mary-El with a decent cardstock. Borderless would be nice, but its current "sticky" lamination needs to be changed.
I got my Mary-El yesterday and I'm so disappointed in the cardstock. It feels brittle, like it could crack if I use the deck too much, plus the stickiness of the lamination. Such a beautiful deck deserves better.
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