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Decks you would like to see in a new edition (due to design flaws, card stock etc)

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Whimsical Tarot please. I'd like the original deck back.
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Originally Posted by CosmicTarot View Post
Which decks would you like to see in a new edition? Maybe you don't like the backing, the typography, the card stock, while loving the imagery.

My number one please-give-me-this-in-a-new-edition deck is: Spiral Tarot: Kay Steventon The imagery is brilliant but I hate the backing and the border and the typography. Looki when it's trimmed: (much better, but not perfect, the backing is still there).

Shadowscapes I do not approve of the card stock, and even though the backing is beautiful I wouldn't mind seeing a little more elegant take on it. It's a bit too cutesy for me.

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot Why oh why are those cartoonish ghosts on the backing. The imagery is so beautiful and classic and then those ghosts

Any decks you'd like to add?
Another vote for Shadowscapes here. I don't have it (money issues), but I would like a better cardstock, please!
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Another vote for borderless Mary-el. Just got mine but I'm too scared to trim D: Might as well throw in better cardstock while we're at it
Same for Linestrider - better cardstock.
A standard tarot size version of the 1st edition of the Starchild Tarot would be great too..
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Tarot of Pagan Cats!
I can't stand the back image! That cat is... Well, a selectively bred abomination! Its a cat and I love cats, hairless or not, and its not the cats fault that someone thought it'd be a good idea... But sheesh!
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Tell-Me Tarot Borderless

Tell-Me Tarot - I'd like to see this printed borderless without the titles/meanings. Would be good candidate for USG Tin line printed this way.
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tarot peacock  tarot peacock is offline
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tarot peacock 
The classic Italian deck

This is a lovely deck but I think the writing down the side of the cards ruins it and takes away from the atmosphere of the cards, so much so that the other day I decided to trim the writing off. The result was that the front of the cards looked better, but the backs lost a border on one side and the cards were narrow and flimsy.
I knew that there were other versions of these cards (The ancient Italian) and I found them to have a much better layout, but I also found that the colouring and the detail were not as good as the cards I already had. The result was that I bough my original cards again.

I wish that they would produce The Classic Italian without the writing down the side.
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cynthea  cynthea is offline
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RWS Premium Edition aka pre-copyright (Park ave edition)

I crave a premium- independent deck quality Rider deck! Not a recolored edition! I would love the soft colors of the Park ave NY edition- no copyright- and same cardstock as Park ave NY edition, or even better cardstock such as Pagan Otherworlds! Luscious! And an amazing, beautiful card back and of course Borderless Also redo linework so not too thick...I love the thinner lines of my UNIVERSAL WAITE TAROT. Images like King of Pentacles is so much clearer!

Soft colors of Park ave NY edition
No copyright
Cardstock like Park ave NY edition or better such as Pagan Otherworlds!
Beautiful, classy card back
Thinner black lines! at least a little, but doesn't need to be as thin as Universal, images need to be clear
Box- high quality 2 part? or magnetic closure type

oh my I'm beginning to drool just thinking about it! <3
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JylliM  JylliM is offline
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The Moore/Fell Steampunk Tarot. The stock is horrible, flimsy, chippy Llewellyn stock. Would like to see it in decent stock that doesn't chip, and feels like cardstock rather than thick(ish) paper.
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Upgraded Pearls of Wisdom Tarot/Joy and Sorrow Oracle

in case you don't already know, I upgraded Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Gold and Platinum editions to have linen finish and UV coating. The Platinum edition has both the poker and jumbo borderless cards in a lovely box with a layout board and all the books.

Gold editions have the books and come in jumbo and poker both in clam shell boxes. Right now there is a sale with $5.00 off.

I also have the plain card stock with the Bronze editions for those who like the plain paper.

Also international shippipng has improved with UPS and shipping is way down in price from what it used to be.

I will be upgrading Joy and Sorrow Oracle shortly, to include all 44 images up from 33. These cards come in poker and jumbo, with linen finish and uv coating, poker in tuck box, jumbo in clam shell box. the upgrade should be complete by mid July. Meanwhile you can try the app for free.
Attached Images
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I like the Tarot of Vampyres a lot - the art resonates with me and the companion book is truly above par. I just wish it was printed on better cardstock with a more glossy finish. As it is, the images could have been so much more evocative if they weren't wasted on such dull cardboard.
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