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Tarot Nouveau by Grimaud

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Thanks for this info!!!!!! I wonder what the cards looked like.

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Another deck?

I have a B. P. Grimaud (Paris) Tarot Nouveau 2nd ed. here if anyone would like additional scans.
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Originally Posted by Bernice
I really like the Microscopique. Fell in love with those images, I wish this deck were available - I get it pronto!
EDIT: Just found a deck for sale: 380 euros.............(!!!!) Can't possible afford it!
Yeah, pretty much anything by Dondorf is pretty nice. I'm fortunate in that my Patience program (Aisleriot Solitaire) has the option to use a set of Dondorf cards .
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That is so great. I actually have both France Cartes and Piatnik versions. Too bad FC has that blotchy colors problem which Grimaud did not have, and Piatnik is very different from the original.
Look at the amazing print quality which is noticeable even on old worn out cards:,E.html

Now here is my question: where do I buy the reversible deck, where all cards look exactly the same upside down or not? I mean, 5 of spades, for example, has a special blob of spades in the center instead of usual oriented symbol. The card back have official FFT logos on them it seems.
Please look up it here:
OR here,E.html

Even the trumps have the same picture on both halves (in original they're different).
I don't speak French, sadly.
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