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What do you use to store your DriudCraft cards in?

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What do you use to store your DriudCraft cards in?

I've just obtained this deck. I really dig the artwork! But the cards are very large compaired to my other decks. Something I wasn't expecting.

I usually store my cards in a bag for energy purposes, but none of my bags will fit it.

Have you found a bag that will fit for the DriudCraft cards, maybe a link or two? If I can't find a bag that will fit it, I am thinking about wrapping the cards in a handkerchief.

I am also getting a lot out of reading the book that came with the deck. I have a background with the RWS deck..and that helps a lot with the interpretations..but there is a lot more that I don't know about wicca & please bear with me if I ask a dumb question in this area of Aeclectic Tarot.
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I kept them inside the box, until I bought a bag from Sulis Bags, she has the deck too so she made a bag to fit. You can google her or look for here in the forums.
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Lovely cards

I have this deck, bought it when I was in Edinburgh. I keep mine wrapped in a black cloth that has Green Celtic designs on it. I'm the only one that can shuffle these cards, everyone else seem to have problems.

Enjoy them.
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Thank you very much and I will check it out!

I am one of those types that prefers that the seeker do some shuffling and that's something I'll work on too!

I usually ask the seeker which deck they wan't a reading with. I have three other decks, how popular is the DriudCraft deck as it being chosen to the other decks you offer for readings?

The images and artwork is wonderful!
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Mine came from Sulis, too! It's gorgeous and fits perfectly!

Here's a link to her site:

Here's a link to the bag I have: (I have the brown Celtic Circles bag on the top left )
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I too have Sulis bag: earthy brown velvet with old-gold silk lining - perfect!

I belong to OBOD - the Druid order run by the guy who co-created the deck & wrote the book. So I know Philip, his wife Stephanie & the doings of their Order quite well, from Druid Assemblies, workshops, ceremonies, parties, camps etc over several years. I'd be pleased to try & help with any questions, if I can.
At least 2 other members here are in OBOD, but I forget their names.

To discover more, try Googling OBOD or Druidry (or any search engine) - they have a large, comprehensive website with heaps of info & inspiration. Enjoy! /l\
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I have a pouch custom designed by Mi-Shell for my DruidCraft. Post #79 has the picture.

I smudged it with the deck inside over my Solstice sunrise fire this morning. As it's a personal deck for me alone, no one else has had a reading from it.
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I made a bag with The High Priestess printed on one side & the 9 of Pents on the other. Here's a pic - it's the one on the left.
Attached Images
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I made a bag for mine, seems how they are larger than most decks.

I used this blog post as a starting point:

And I adjusted it so that it was a tad longer to accommodate the Druidcraft tarot.

I used a gorgeous deep green/turquoise linen for the bag with a silk lining of the same color. I bought some leather laces for the drawstring. I love it and I think it really speaks to the magic of this set.
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Pam O 

FYI: I trimmed my DruidCraft. It's the first deck I ever trimmed and now the size is wonderful and I actually use it. I took the trimmed deck to Readers Studion 10 and lots of people commented on it. Before trimming it just sat around. There are lots of threads that talk about trimming this deck and there are pictures of DruidCraft trimmed if you are interested. : )
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