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Is there an connection Between the Devil and two and three of pentacles?

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Is there an connection Between the Devil and two and three of pentacles?

I wonder if there is a connection between the Devil and Two and Three of Pentacles.
Studying this I noted something which might be an connection.

The horns of the devil are making a three when you turn the card clockwise.
To see the three:

The horns are connected by this pentacle, so this 3 may reflect to the lemniscate as well.
Also Five + Three is Eight, the number of the (turned) lemniscate.
The Devil is 5 x 3.The five pointed pentacle multiplied by the 3 of the Horns.

The pentacle reflects to the element Earth as Capricorn is an Earth Star-Sign.
The horns point to the number 3. There are three personages on this Card.
Further the background-colour of the Devil Card is Black.

The Eyes of the devil are very obvious, also it looks like there is a 3rd eye on this card formed by the downward triangle of the pentacle and a line just under the top of his head. (Pyramid and Eye)

Ayin which means Eye is connected with the Devil and the astrological Capricorn.

Pentacles 2 and 3 (4 also) are connected with Capricorn.
On pentacles 2 we find the lemniscates and Pentacles 3 has the same black background-colour as the Devil Card and also it shares 3 personages.

The horns=3 x Pentacle=5 – Lemniscate – Eye

Pentacles 2 near Pentacles 3. When you look to the pointing finger of pentacles two and follow the line, this line points to the “blue-print” on Pentacles 3. To be more specific it points to what seems to be an eye.
Follow the line to see the eye:

Does it even look like an horus-eye?

Combined with the eyes of the devil:

The pointing finger on Pentacles 2 which points to an Eye.
The reflection of the horns together with the pentacle is pictured by the lemniscates.
The finger points to an eye, Ayin, the Hebrew letter assigned to the Devil. This eye is pictured on the Three of Pentacles, while the Devil's horns are forming this number.
But also, the Devil has the sign of Jupiter on his hand? Why? Capricorn is ruled by Saturn..
Pentacles 2 is Jupiter in Capricorn and Pentacles 2 is the picture of the pointing finger.
The hand of the craftman on pent 3, the gesture, is this hand even makes a devil's sign?

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