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DruidCraft Study Group - The Cat in the Three of Pentacles

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The two aspects of "cat" in the Druid Animal Oracle that always stand out to me are sensuality and detachment. That cat in the three of pentacles reminds me that the man is not connecting with the people near him. He is removed from them, absorbed in his work. There's a third keyword, but I can't remember it right now. Perhaps it has another pertinent link. I think it was defense or protection or something... anyway, remember the aloof nature of the cat. Who is more aloof and detached from the world around him than the craftsman on a roll?? He's too busy connecting with something else to worry about the weather, the onlookers, or even that cat rubbing against him. He has a different task.
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Le Chat 
Cool Druid Cat

I believe the cat in the 3 of pents notices his owner is consumed by what he's doing and wants attention. I have four cats that own me. They can be so aloof until I start doing something or concentrating on something. But, I believe this cat is showing support (in cat fashion). Were this one of my cats, they would be showing support of my making some money to keep them supplied with cat food. I look at the three of pents as "everyone is supporting you" card. Even though the cat may have ulterior motives, he's being supportive in his own "mysterious" way.
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In my journal notes for the Three of Pentacles, I have written for the cat: "intuitive, instinctive, aloof, detached, fruitfulness, vitality of life, freedom, independence, cunningness, patience, agility. Instinctual energy close to conscious awareness; intuitive skills; resourcefulness; stroking of ego?"
And looking at what I have written for the cats on the Queen of Wands and the High Priestess, completely different meaning.
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GOOD one!

Originally Posted by WalesWoman
When a cat rubs against someone or something, it's leaving it's territorial mark. The man is also making his mark, both are signs and symbols of their existence perhaps. The cat is also showing it's pleasure and affection, but mostly saying this is MINE.

Both in a sense by making their mark are claiming their mastery. We all know cats keep us, not the other way 'round.
WalesWoman--this is seriously good insight! I had never thought of the cat aspect in this card...but I also seem to have problems interpreting the Pentacle suit anyway, so when I see one pop up, mental blockage happens. But I REALLY like this interpretation of the card and can vouch for this interpretation in my own readings, especially when this card comes up often with regards to an ex who is quite possessive and territorial of me, and wants my attention when I'm otherwise occupied. Surely additional interpretations apply, but the "possessive" aspect of it is VERY much true. Excellent input!

Same applies to your comment about the man making his mark on the column--again, rings true for me in my experience with relationship often IS about someone making their mark...or, as I like to put it, "pi**ing a circle" around someone/thing else.

Really like this interpretation. Anyone who can make sense of the Pentacles suit for me is a GENIUS! Thanks!

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FenestraThought  FenestraThought is offline
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I think the cat is more a "Divine Avatar" of sorts here.

The man is working on the 3 pentacles on a stone and given that was the closes thing they really had to a church it kinda has a mirror to the RWS card. i.e. their church is a marked stone that would be use as a focus for ritual

3 is a card of manifestation/creation. And the cat is showing support, Divine/Support towards this man's endeavors. . . As most know, when you feel there is a "cause" or reason for you to create something, then it makes enduring the hardships that much easier.

If your endeavors are riotous then they will be Divinely rewarded.
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I've always associated cats with the feminine archetype....I mean, c'mon they are graceful, classy and poised...and constantly tend to their "toilette"...primping and preening...little buddhas, no?

Dogs? Well...*ahem*....have you EVER known a graceful dog? I mean, sure, the sprinting dobie is a thing of beauty...but dobies are just KLUTZY/DOPEY most of the time, as are the other breeds...more like little rednecks...that's what we love about our dogs... but poise and grace? No. Scooby Doo...hello. So the dogs must be...the...well..."males". And that's what we love about THEM, too eh?

I've always wondered about that cat in the Queen of Wands...i guess it started in RWS. Egyptian Queen of the Desert? So I can see the "familiar" connection, as kitties are so popular with witchy types (even Hermione had one...). In some Fool cards, it's a cat, not a dog; (Thoth, Wirth for example; both of which also show the Alligator, BTW)
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Willow Huntermoon 

This card for me has always brought up "leaving your impression on something", or leaving your mark. The pentacles the craftsman is etching out in stone will last for future generations to see. When a cat leaves its mark on you, it is claiming you also as his/her property leaving a strong impression on you. Although not tangible as the carving in stone,but equally or if not even more impactful in an energetic sort of way.
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Nice, Willow. I like that.
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Originally Posted by caridwen View Post
This is a very interesting idea and yes, the cat is rubbing against him and he is not distracted from what he's doing. He's concentrating and also being watched by others that he hasn't noticed. could this mean total dedication to something, if so, what does the Eight of Pentacles mean and why a cat?? Why not a mouse running over his foot? Is it because the cat is representative of comfort, hearth and home? I've been thinking about this since I wrote up this post and am still stumped...
I think the cat is just a sign of adoration or confirmation of acceptance of his craft,depicted buy the old man,wisdom. The young man youth, And the young women's wonder. At a glance theres so much meaning that can be pulled from this deck, Thats why my thoth deck is retired for a while. I love that aspect of this deck its so versatile.
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