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View Poll Results: MBTI type?
ESTP 0 0%
ESTJ 3 0.50%
ESFP 2 0.33%
ESFJ 2 0.33%
ENTP 10 1.66%
ENTJ 13 2.15%
ENFP 23 3.81%
ENFJ 21 3.48%
ISTP 11 1.82%
ISTJ 27 4.47%
ISFP 24 3.97%
ISFJ 27 4.47%
INTP 61 10.10%
INTJ 96 15.89%
INFP 123 20.36%
INFJ 161 26.66%
Voters: 604. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally posted by Melvis
[B]I am an INFP, too. Isn't it interesting that, so far, this 'rare' type is leading the poll.
I am also an INFP ... guess all us 'rare' types hang together (that includes you Kiama not only the INFPs *LOL*). Wonder if it is that we are really rare or no one can find us ... think I will go ask Firemaiden's magic pen ...
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The invisible pen was recently found in the act of writing a computer-screen play. Though much of the invisible ink subsequently disappeared, this is what we were able to retrieve.

Firemaiden: Doctor, I just don't understand how the test is supposed to be accurate.

Doctor: Why's that, Firemaiden?

FM: Well, for example, I always come out as an introvert, because they have all these questions about parties. I hate parties.

Doctor: That surprises me about you, Firemaiden, you seem so outgoing and talkative, what's with parties?

FM: Well, I hate trying to talk over loud music, trying to breath through clouds of smoke, with too much booze, and balloons ready to pop and hurt my sensitive ears, plus pressure to kiss or not kiss people you don't know, but mainly, the raucous music from someone else's century... that I can't hear without getting angry...

Doctor: Yup, you're an introvert. Pretty bad case, I'd say....But wait, who said it had to be a party like that? What kind of party are we talking about here? Haven't you ever been to a good party?

FM: Oh yes, well, there are the chamber music parties, given my mother and her Ladies Mafia..there is hot mulled wine, and all sorts of interesting artist types, with long grey hair (both sexes) and glasses. They always have me sing for them, and I know just how to get them all laughing, we always have a great time. I am the life of the party, and never want it to end.

Mom: Yup, boy what an extrovert. And jeez, try getting her to stop talking!

FM:Then there is a little matter of whether one feels compassion for other's sufferings, or do we stand coldly by as another suffers, and say, "serves you right, Loser, HAHAHAH!"

Doctor: Okay, I guess it depends. Give me an example:

FM: Well, see, I saw a dog get run over when I was 13. It wasn't my dog. I didn't see the dog before the moment of impact. Yet seeing this, I felt as though I were the dog. I bawled and screamed as though the world were ending. It was the most painful emotional experience. Horrific. ...

Doctor: Oh gosh, what an empathic person, horrors, she even suffers for a dog she doesn't know!

FM: Hey, that's nothing, I haven't told you about the time I saw a plastic spoon get run over! I was pretty young, but probably old enough to clearly distinguish between animate an inanimate objects... yet how can I explain to you, how heartbreaking it was to see that beautiful plastic spoon smashed to pieces as it was run over by that mean car. It wasn't even a colored plastic spoon, like the special one for picnics, but a boring old white one.

Mom: Yup, she's mess all right, empathizing with a spoon! It doesn't get much worse than that!

FM: But then, there was that anonymously alchoholic guy I dated. Somebody must have told him, if you cry and sob, the girl will want to comfort you, and so you'll get good nookie. He whined and sobbed in the bathtub about his miserable life. He'd gone through the litany of woes in every step of the 12, and it was all a rehearsed soap opera by now. I couldn't wait to dump this loser...

AA-guy: Yeah, geez, never met a colder heart! And she didn't answer even one of the four-thousand eight-hundred calls I made to her after that.

FM: you see, Dr., it depends. Everything depends on context. I don't like these kind of definitions.

Doctor: Yes, well, we have a category for that kind of's called...

Here the invisible ink began disappearing, and the rest was lost.
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believer in magic
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I`m an INFJ counselor idealist.
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I have good news and bad news...

The Good News: has a great little test, with much better questions than the Humanmetrics site.

The Bad News:
You can only see half of your personality type for free. For example, I could see the NF part, but not the I/E or J/P parts. But hey, for only $12.95 you can get your full results emailed to you! Grrr...

But I have to give an example of my favorite question from that test:

You look for things:

A - in their places.
B - where you left them.
I just really liked that question!


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Originally posted by crystalmynx
I`m an INFJ counsellor idealist.

Crystalmynx xx
Hello, fellow counselor... so very cool (psst, they all think we are prophets or seers or something )
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Just keep repeating... Introversion is "the new extroversion"
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Talking hail

i am an introverted

though when i was going to college i was inbetween
i watch, judge, feel and perieve based on the feeling ater the judgment . then i came to the forum eheh

now i am still introverted, but feel more inutive, and feeling which are the basis for my perciever. hmm..

i am the healer that test says.

i am abstract in thoughts, and speech, hm that could be true,
i may seem shy but on the inside i am everything but,
i present a tranquil view to the world,
i have a profound sense of idealism, and see the world as moralistic place.
i make extradinory sacfrices for what i believe in, nahh
how interesting ,, i am found in one percent of the population of the planet lol.
i see unity in my life, and lived a fanasty filled life in my childhood (that is true i miss my invisble friends,, iron man and captain america, lol )((ohh lets not forget luke, ben kenobi, and yoda))
i see myself as a ugly duckling it says. ,, that is true
it says i try my best to undiffernce believing it was bad to fanciful , i guess that could be true i was always trying to make sure i was dressed neutral,, and grey, in the corner,

lol they wonder for the rest of their lives if they are ok, they are quite ok just differnt. it is nice to know i am ok :O)

deeply commited to good and postive yet taught there is evil inside them. they can developed a obession with good and evil prfound and mundane, it says i am drawn towards purity but look for the profane, on the lookout for the wickness within me

it says when i perieve myself to do an wicked act i seek to do a self sacfrice to atone for it, (there is that word again atone)
it says i see the struggle of good and evil within me who does not feel compelled to make the issue public.

this is all paraphrased by my portrait page.
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I only wanted to post the poll... not really mediocrilly attempt to explain what may possibly be indicated. It is worth re-pointing out that the MBTI, as mentioned, merely indicates certain preferences.

When answering such questionnaires, the extreme 'N' type will have such enormous difficulties, as they will see that each answer is always possible given particular conditions; to which the extreme 'S' type will somewhat annoyingly (unless they are an extreme 'F', in which case the care for the other will mitigate the annoyance) respond 'of course it is possible, but which do you prefer?!!!!!'.

Anyhow, here's my attempt (I'm doing this directly on-screen, and some notes may confuse text-book 'stuff'):
  • Introversion vs Extroversion note the order, not, of course, in any way bias to my own particular type...
The Introvert will generally find crowds and large social gatherings in which they have to interact with numerous strangers somewhat draining, extroverts will tend to find it exciting and charging.
  • iNtuition vs Sensing
In Jungian terminology (from which the MBTI stems), 'intuition' is used to indicate that a person is more likely to pay attention to the possibilities in any given situation, than the 'facts' which are present and focussed on by the 'sensing' preferenced person.

The Sensing-iNtuition option also indicates which Perceptive function one prefers to utilise (see below).
  • Thinking vs Feeling
These indicate the preferred decision-making function (called 'judgement' in the MBTI).

Those who prefer to use their Thinking will test the decision against known givens, Feelers against the impact upon people.
  • Perception vs Judgement
Those who tend to prefer to use their 'perceptive' function will look for new information or opportunities, those who prefer to use their 'judging' functions will opt for closure and completions.

Ps may therefore have 1001 projects on the run, J's 10 completed ones and maybe a couple more on the go.

I realise this is somewhat simplistic, and hope it helps
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INFP here too.
and most of my friends are too!
but then i guess one does tend to seek out people who are a bit like oneself.
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Originally posted by jmd

When answering such questionnaires, the extreme 'N' type will have such enormous difficulties, as they will see that each answer is always possible given particular conditions
hahahahahah! That always used to happen to me whenever I took the test.

The way I finally got my (mostly borderline aside from the N) preferences sorted out was not by using the test at all. In a heap of frustration I did the Barnes and Noble University course 'Do what you are'. That was terribly helpful, and Joanne the tutor was really good at discussing borderline preferences and helping me sort out what was what. The exercise on 'what were you like as a child' I found especially helpful, also thinking about 'if you could do only one the rest of your life what would it be'.

There's another test as well that breaks each of the elements down into about four categories each: it is claimed that borderlines will tend to have clear secondary preferences that cancel each other out on the usual MBTI. I was going to try and track someone down to help me do this, sounded fun.

But I can highly recommend the B&N course, whether you want to change career or not it is helpful just to explore your preferences. The book was nice and cheap as well. Here's the link: http://educate.barnesandnobleunivers...productId=6300


ps, Kiama: the P/J just tells you which of the S/N or F/T is your dominant function, that is if you look at it in in combination with the E/I. In Jung's original theory, he had S/N (gathering information) as a subset of Perceiving, and F/T (decision making) as a subset of Judging.
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