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Liliana - your chart interpretation

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Red face Liliana - your chart interpretation

Liliana, I hope you can find something of yourself here - I feel a chart interpretation is a very personal thing and am reluctant, as an amateur who might be wrong , to post on a public forum too personal a portrait. So I have chosen a theme to follow through, that of the Moon's nodes. It is your life journey, your potential and also the journey of your Soul. Proper astrologers would probably throw up their hands in horror but I don't really know how to do it properly so just have to do it my way.

The nodes are not planets but 2 points on the chart directly opposite each other. The South Node depicts a past lifetime , the North node the present one.

Your South node in Taurus in the 8th house indicates a past lifetime, prosperous and materially successful, where your needs were taken care of through the achievements , or by using the resources, of others. The wife, the loyal employee, for example.

North node in Scorpio in the 2nd house. - In this lifetime you have come to learn to get in touch with your emotional and intuitive gifts, to value &develop your own talents thereby gaining a sense of self worth and security through your own efforts.

The South node way of living is our comfort zone, what we are drawn towards repeating - to move beyond it is the challenge. Its not either/or but a balance between both.

Your planets are positioned as follows:
Sun, Mars, Neptune in Sagittarius in the 3rd house( communication, immediate environment)
Moon, Mercury in Capricorn in the 4th house ( Home, family, security)
Venus in Aquarius in the 5th house ( Creativity, children)
Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus in the 8th house (Joint resources, life/death issues)
Saturn retrograde in Leo in the 11th house ( groups, friends,)
Uranus in Scorpio in the 2nd house (personal resources, values, possessions)
PLuto in Libra in the 1st house ( self, personality, reaction to environment)

Ascendent /Rising sign - Libra.

Adds grace and charm to the personality, a natural sense of justice, a love of beauty. You like harmony in your relationships with others - this can often have a negative affect - in trying to please you may become indecisive or neglect your own needs - giving way for the sake of peace. Balance will always be an issue in your life - between the material & spiritual, the mind and the intuition, between your needs and the needs of others. There will many ups and downs in your life, particularly in your relationships as you struggle to balance the strong sense of commitment you have towards your family and friends and the need for personal freedom to develop your own individuality.
Pluto in this house adds great inner strength and a strong sense of purpose which will help you.

Your life is centred around your immediate environment, your home and your family. You have an enthusiastic and positive approach to life, a ton of energy and a strong desire to achieve your goals . The seeking , searching qualities of Sagittarius are unlikely to send you travelling the world, you like your home comforts too much for that. Rather they will manifest through the mind, through communicating. You have a fine imagination, and a deep, intuitive understanding of what people want to hear. It is the gift of words , be they written or spoken.
You like people, to communicate with those who share your ideas, your philosophy, your vision, gaining a sense of your individuality, a sense of belonging through group participation.
On a mental level you relate to people very well, but on the emotional you have more difficulty. Perhaps you fear their hold on you ,if they become too close ,they will threaten your personal freedom. Towards others you show sensitivity and compassion but you keep your own feelings disciplined and controlled. Part of your life's work is to learn to not be afraid to relate to others on an emotional level and to trust your own intuitive guidance.
There is a strong need for material security and stability, a firm foundation to build your life on, to create a home and family. It is likely you will marry quite young and much time and effort will be put into making your family unit prosperous and successful. Which it will be.
Your children will be a source of pleasure - you will encourage them to be independent and develop their originality, to look beyond the conservative and conventional. At times you will find their demands frustrating when they conflict with your need for time to yourself.
From here, your safe and secure home base, you will reach out, mentally, to explore the world. Interested in many things, other people, cultures , new ideas. Forming a spiritual belief of your own, always growing and learning. And inspired by what you learn you have the ability to put these ideas into a practical form that will benefit others. What may begin as a leisure activity, a creative outlet, has the potential to be your life's work. It is likely that, in the beginning at least , you will work from home. AS well as your commitment to your family's wellbeing you have a strong ambition to achieve your own personal goals.

This is your comfort zone. To move forward you have to go beyond relying on others and focus on developing your own individuality. You will have to look inward and discover who you really are, what makes you tick. ( Enter the High Priestess) . Even finding the time in your busy life will pose a problem.
Drawn to people with leadership skills, confident and initiating, you may not realise that these very Arian qualities are your shadow side. You have them , too, you just need to use them. So you have to learn to set boundaries, to stand up for yourself, to make your own decisions based on what you intuitively feel is right for you not on how others might respond.
Out of your comfort zone , in unfamiliar territory, or with people you don't know,your your true light doesn't shine. Lack of confidence? A fear you will be found wanting? Hidden away inside you is a real perfectionist. You want what you offer to others to be the best and when it fails to meet to your own standards you hold back. Learn to be less sensitive to others opinions, to value your own talents. You don't have to be the best, just do your best. On the journey within yourself look to your childhood for why you feel this. Its a painful process but very healing.
You are very gifted intuitively, even pyschically, but you have to take time out to develop these talents. Combining these gifts creatively ,with a natural originality and inventiveness and your gift for communicating will lead you in the right direction.
I think you have a wonderful mental vision of a world united in peace and love. And you want to play your part in making this happen. You have the potential to move beyond being the member of a group , to be a leader, an inspiration, a light for others to follow.
Don't be impatient - take your time. Let the High Priestess remind you of the 3 stages of womanhood and although 50+ may seem a long way away it comes around all too quickly and it is then, freed from the responsibilities of family that women truly come into their power. Walk strong in the light, Liliana.

Thats it. I'm exhausted. This was hard work. Look forward to your comments.
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Absolutely perfect, totally me from begining to end. Definately get frustrated with lack of me time due to kids, and I was married young considering Im only 25 and have been married going on 7 years already. And we are working on that financial stability, unfortunately we dont have it yet but we will someday Im trying to find that balance too, but I keep going tp the far extremes and am having problems finding the center hehe. Its interesting you mention the High Priestess since shes my soul card, with Justice being my personality card paralleling my Libra rising. You probably noticed me signing a lot of my posts with theHigh Priestess symbol, since Ive always felt she had an important part in my life goal. Also I realize my problems stem from childhood issues, and it is amazingly difficult to look back upon.

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Thanks for the feedback , Liliana. I have been waiting with bated breath, terrified I'd have it all wrong. My confidence has risen several notches.

I had noticed your Justice/High Priestess but would have used them anyway as I like to work with numerology as well.

Have you tried Reiki or Seichem healing - it works wonders on freeing emotional blockages.

Marrying young has many blessings (I, too, married at 18 ) - the responsibilities come early but then so does the freedom in the second part of life.

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Join Date: 08 Dec 2001
Location: Pennsylvania USA
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Yeah Im so waiting for that second part of life, Ive never tried reiki or anything, I dont know anyone who does it, and if I did I wouldnt have money to pay for a session. The only thing slightly off with your interpretation is the holding in of emotions, Im the total opposite end, crying at the drop of a hat, but maybe thats more due to depression than my horoscope.

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