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The Chariot

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The Chariot

"The issue of the Vulture, Two in One, conveyed, this is the chariot of power. TRINC: the last oracle" Aleister Crowley

Colour: Silver
Astrology: Cancer
Herb: Cedar

Hebrew: CHETH:- is the enclosure of all unevolved cosmic energy. A field. An image of natural or elementary existence, all that which requires work, labour and effort.

Rune: RAIDHO:- Ordered change, preparation leads to action. A journey either physically or spiritually. Pragmatic issues are important.
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notes from my journal

The path between Binah and Geburah (pilar of severity)
Chet meaning fence or enclosure.

True Will, inner and outer change

The Charioteer is God??
From Book of Thoth:
"The vizor of his helmet is lowered, for no man may look upon his face and live. For the same reason, no part of his body is exposed"

Jupiter exalted in cancer and that means that the chariot is connected with Fortune. and he is holding the wheel of fortune in his hands. only it is not the wheel it is the Grail filled with the great sea of Binah and spiritual life in the form of blood.
The pillars reminds me of the High Priestess but also of Adjustment.

this was nice:
"inwardly attuning oneself to goal"
from Keywords book
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What I dig about this card is the "abracadabra" written on the chariot canopy.

The 4 animals in front of the chariot represent the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac: Bull/Taurus, Eagle/Scorpio, Man/Aquarius, and Lion/Leo.

According to Crowley, guy (or girl?) is holding the Holy Grail.
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What I love about this Chariot is that he's riding on the Yellow Brick road....

Maybe not as Crowley/Harris intended, but to me it gives the card an element of playfulness.
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For me the message of the chariot is: "End of the road”.
Here is where the walking begins.
You cannot proceed without "dirtying your hands in life"...
I see it as invitations to start occupy myself with mundane things such as LUST ADJUSTMENT LUCK even there is an escape root [THE HERMIT] before I get to the conclusion of this mundane ness [crucifixion by the mob]. And DEATH saves from this misery....
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Attached Images
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The gold armored figure is adorned with diamonds, the power he holds is symbolic of high priced gems. it is not a chariot, but a throne. the figures below are still, and happen to be the traditional color of money.
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Re: The Chariot

Rune: RAIDHO:- Ordered change, preparation leads to action. A journey either physically or spiritually. Pragmatic issues are important.
Besides the Raidho rune (Wagon), I also see aspects of the Ehwaz rune (Horse or two horses) in the Chariot card.

"The E-rune facilitates the journey between the worlds of Yggdrasill -- the vitki may literally ride its power through the realms of reality."

"Yggdrasill: The cosmic tree of nine worlds or planes of the multiverse"

From Edred Thorsson's book on runes, _Furthark_
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The way I see the chariot is that it is a somewhat tense situation: everything is ready to go ahead, yet, the chariot still stands still. It conveys to me a sense of impatience, which is however guarded. It might be a bit like the eerie quiet before the storm breaks out. The "horses are not running away with it", but at the slightest impulse, there could be a false start.

If ever I have this card in a spread, I warn (or let myself be warned) of going ahead too quickly, before the time is right. Let the intuition, feeling for the time quality speak and stand still as long you're not absolutely sure the moment is right. Because once the action is started, it will be difficult to stop or even retrace your steps, as difficult as it would be to hold horses in full speed.
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Originally posted by isthmus nekoi
What I dig about this card is the "abracadabra" written on the chariot canopy.
It was actually s'posed to be ABRAHADABRA (Crowley had prided himself on 'fixing' the word to make it 'correct' numerologically) but Frieda Harris thought it would be asinine to spell it that way, so hence you have 'Abracadabra'.
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