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Holy Grail?

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Originally Posted by caridwen
I'm not sure where this belongs, in readings or here so I'll chance it here.

If you get the Ace of Cups in a reading referring to something you really really want (in this case an ideal job) does it mean you'll get it, you'll get the Holy Grail? Is this card 'real' or is it just a dream? Does it mean the manifestation of your dream?
It is the thing you seek. Water, there is an emotive element to it. Use your emotions and your intuitions.
Originally Posted by caridwen
I've been getting this card and the Chariot a lot regarding my job search. I've read that the person in the Chariot also carries the Holy Grail in his hands. Would this mean that I will be successful, able to attain the Holy Grail if I stay focused on my goal and do not get distracted?
The Chariot is the vehicle or means whereby you get what is represented by your Ace . The Chariot holds much advise as how to get it. See the four animals pulling the Chariot? The 4 elements and their related 4 parts of the psyche need to be kept in balance and reigned accordingly otherwise the Chariot will go off on a tangent directed by the uneven 'pull' of of one part of the psyche (eg. inspiration unmodified and unmanifest due to lack of correct logical reasoning). Every symbol on the card gives advice on how to achieve your goal.

So the Ace or the cup is the thing itself and the Chariot is the means to get that thing.
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Follow your bliss.
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