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A woman struggles desperately at the edge of a cliff with a man who is much stronger than she is. Cliffs represent obstacles, difficulties or hurdles. They also suggest dangerous situations and can symbolize being on the edge. Falling off the cliff means being impaled on the sharpened stakes below.

The male figure seems to be toying with the female figure. While she's struggling mightily, he doesn't even look like he's breaking a sweat. He looks smug and sure of himself. Are they lovers having a quarrel or are his intentions towards her more sinister?

Her situation seems to be to give him what he wants or to face death. By the way she fights, neither choice is palatable to her.

The approaching lioness represents Sekhmet, the goddess of war (see Strength). Is she coming to claim the remains of the victim (being gored to death would produce a lot of blood, and Sekhmet is known to have blood lust) or is she coming to the aid of the victim by attacking her attacker or at least providing enough of a distraction that she can escape from him?

Sekhmet's association with healing and the imagery in this card provide an interesting thought - the woman could be struggling with her own demons. She's not going to give in to them and she's not going to let them destroy her either. Sehkmet's appearance suggests an end to the woman's internal strife.

In the valley below are 3 statues carved out of the cliff face. They may be triple representations of a seated Sekhmet.

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