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Tell me something I don't know. High priestess and eight of wands

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bidmeshk  bidmeshk is offline
Join Date: 06 Mar 2014
Location: Ontario, Canada
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Tell me something I don't know. High priestess and eight of wands

I asked my cards to tell me something about myself that I don't know.
HP and 8 of wands

The cards have opposite meanings in some ways.

Could it be saying go with the flow, trust your intuition to get some golden opportunity?
Or just pretty much telling me to look deep within to find the answer,

Forgot to mention 2 cards out of 7 card reading

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Honeysun  Honeysun is offline
Join Date: 09 Jun 2014
Location: Europe
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I think the cards might be telling you that you're not supposed to know right now, but you will find out soon enough There might be a lesson/news coming your way that will reveal the answer to you.

Just my 2 cents!
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Cynthia_H  Cynthia_H is offline
Join Date: 14 Mar 2017
Location: Lost in space
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My 3 cents

The High Priestess to me says taking time, contemplating issues and concerns and listening to your intuition.

The 8 of Wands to me is all about speed and things changing quickly.

Could this combo mean that things in your situation is/will be changing very quickly and you will feel pressured to act/make a quick decision and is a warning to not feel pressured but be sure that follow your inner guidance/High Priestess ?

Just my 3 cents. Cheers,Cynthia.
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nisaba's Avatar
nisaba  nisaba is offline
Join Date: 02 Jan 2009
Location: Proudly Australian
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Could it be:

You're in too much of a hurry to be all High Priestessly and mystical, turning your back on the ordinary life.
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JDusk  JDusk is offline
Join Date: 27 May 2013
Location: New York, US
Posts: 74

Perhaps your intuition is developing rapidly? Or your deepest hidden desires are ready to surface and manifest themselves, or are somehow propelling you forward without you realizing it.
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Schmendrick  Schmendrick is offline
Join Date: 11 Mar 2017
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Posts: 7

Interesting combination for sure. What positions did the cards appear in?

This says to me that your intuition is developing quickly, or that you should hurry and heed your subconscious before it is too late.

Or, perhaps it means that things may be happening quickly around you (the 8), but you manage to stay calm, collected, and in tune with your inner self?
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Curious1  Curious1 is offline
Join Date: 30 Apr 2008
Location: Montana, USA
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You may want to know "something about yourself you don't know", but you won't take the time to understand it so it will remain hidden from you.

Just my .02
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Sar  Sar is offline
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Location: Norway
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A lot is going on behind the curtains (8/Wands + HP).
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arcange  arcange is offline
Join Date: 07 Feb 2017
Location: Paris
Posts: 172

For my daily reading yesterday I pulled these two along with the World. Nothing happened that made sense until today when I took a nap and was awakened after 5 min by a loud chirping voice that said, "Call me now."

The "me" sounded like "mom." I got up and called my mom. Turns out she was going to the doctor for minor surgery. Lately the cards were showing me something health related with an Empress and Queen of Wands.

The chirping voice was a claire audience experience. This was a first for me. I've gotten lots of indistinguishable sounds and whispers but never such a clear voice. I've see auras since I was little. I've only recently learned to meditate through yoga.

So, to me, HP and 8W say that divine energy will show itself to you. Listen to it. Are you ready to hear/see/feel it?

That's my personal experience. This combination might be different for you
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