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9 of swords EVERY DAY

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9 of swords EVERY DAY


I have been using the Thoth tarot deck for about 6 years. As a method of learning and deepening my understanding of the cards, I will pull two or three cards a day while asking the question "what should I meditate on for today?". I have in the past pulled the heirophant every day for two weeks. I know my spirit guides are communicating in this way, and that sometimes the meaning of a card that comes up constantly, is the universe telling you that you did not receive the message.

What's happened, nearly every single day for two months is that I have pulled the 9 of swords (cruelty). I have looked deeper into the meaning of the card itself, and have tried to understand why this is happening. I have asked my fiancÚ to pull the cards for me, shuffle them, or pull the card. Each day: 9 of swords. I have contemplated the negative thought patterns I would like to free myself from, and do have much trauma and darkness in my past.

My question is: has this happened to anyone else? What do you think this signals? And how do you define the 9 of swords?
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Are you having any problems with sleep?
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Arcana XV 

Yep, lack of sleep, nightmares, excessive worry. That's the 9 of Swords in a nutshell.
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how are you shuffling and drawing your card?

I like to fan and draw at random rather than deal, too easy for the top and bottom cards to still be on the top and bottom after shuffling. Just a thought. and ((hugs)) re the insomonia, it is a bugger to live with.
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Let me add my case. For a few months, when I asked about my future, both in the short and in the long run, I was always out of 9 of the spades.

Then suddenly he stopped being there, thinking over the change was done when I left the job, an unsustainable and really very heavy situation. So for me the 9 of the swords is willing to be in an unpleasant situation, although the way out is easy to keep getting hurt.
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