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OK- A Poll for Tarot Readers' Sun Signs

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View Poll Results: Tarot Readers, What's your Sun Sign?
Aries 20 5.04%
Taurus 41 10.33%
Gemini 27 6.80%
Cancer 32 8.06%
Leo 52 13.10%
Virgo 40 10.08%
Libra 33 8.31%
Scorpio 30 7.56%
Sagitarius 34 8.56%
Capricorn 28 7.05%
Aquarius 28 7.05%
Pisces 32 8.06%
Voters: 397. You may not vote on this poll

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Join Date: 09 May 2005
Location: Leiria, Portugal
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My sign sun is virgo.
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Fairawen  Fairawen is offline
Join Date: 06 Apr 2005
Location: Meshoppen, Pennsylvania
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I'm a Pisces, but I never really matched the criteria very well. I'm in touch with my emotions, but I often neglect and/or ignore them... and/or lock them up in a high tower and hope obody notices they're missing.
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Wink Aquarius Here!

Originally Posted by KelarSkye
Actually, I have heard before that those interested in tarot, psychic and astrological types of studies typically have Aquarius featured prominently in their chart.

I have also heard that Pisces have a tendancy to represent.

I would be curious about this information beyond Sun signs, as I know that my rising impacts me greatly in my personality.

I am a Taurus/Aquarius rising.


Fellow Aquarian! You're right! Although, I haven't had a chance to actually go through my natal chart very throughly, I would have to say you are right. According, to what I know about my chart. Pisces is represented in my chart. I have a Pisces in my seventh house. I'm not sure what all of my chart means yet, but, I do find it interesting.
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Free Flight 

power to the bulls
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Join Date: 09 Jun 2005
Location: New England, USA
Posts: 565

Virgo Sun...

Virgo rising...
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Join Date: 14 Jan 2005
Location: Michigan, USA
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My sun sign is Capricorn.
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Where is Frankie Albano?
Join Date: 26 Jan 2005
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power to the bulls
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One very unathletic Sag here who knows when to keep her mouth shut.
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Wow, are we Leos really in the majority? I thought Tarot a little solitary and internal an act for most of us (I'm very much an atypical Leo in many ways).

Then again, maybe the drama of reading in public may figure ...

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